Uhhh Yeah…. That just happened.

This is what happens after I innocently order Wine Flavored Gummies from the UK… Do you all have this problem

(Gmail Chat)

Mr Amazing:  lol gross why?! 
me:  Behave… I bet i could find urine gummies – Im going to look
Mr Amazing:  lol gross why?!
me:  Just to see LMAO
Ummmm okay no gummies… but I did find this little treasure
Mr Amazing: Good work, and look at the rating
I am buying it
me:  Dont you dare!!
Mr Amazing:   I just did, it looked really interesting
me:  OMG people have reviewed it! LMAO!
Mr Amazing:   using toilets and urine to create nitrogen rich compost heaps
she talks about where you can find cheap toilets
me:  ROTFLMAO!!!
Mr Amazing:   and Small Child could pee in the backyard whenever
and we can feed the flowers with it
me:  Like he would need the excuse
Mr Amazing:   Well, I ordered it
me: Liar … LMAO 
Mr Amazing:   I am going on ebay to order a toilet
me:  People that buy that book… also buy this… amazon said so
Mr Amazing:   even better, it’s made of porcelain and it’s pretty
me:  LMAO! quit it
Mr Amazing:   can pee in it and add leaves and banana peels and apples, etc
instead of throwing away all of that food
me:  OMG! Stop LMAO!
Mr Amazing:    I can’t buy it yet, but the auction is going for 4 more days
I am going to bid $20
me:  I just pinned that toilet on pinterest LMAO
Mr Amazing:   It’s seriously awesome
me:  I titled it “Talk about a pot to piss in”… class just oozes from my pores
Mr Amazing:   I just put in a bid
do you see it yet?
me:  OMG! stop! no you didnt!
Mr Amazing:   I totally did
and I ordered the book
we are going to try this
it’s supposed to help the environment
me:  …
Mr Amazing:   don’t be mad
it really does look cool
me:  Im going to copy this entire conversation and just post it on a blog