… Just another Day in Paradise

Due to my motivation and ambition being on vacation on this fine friday morning… I started reading through old emails… instead of answering current ones that would surely require thought that I havent had enough coffee to form yet… which I am gulping at an alarming rate convinced my brain is at the bottom of this cup…. I found this… admit it… you would like to work with me

Dear Princess Natalie,

Hi, my name is, oh man, you almost got me there, but any how I kidnapped something very dear to your heart (see picture below). Why am I doing this, well, I want some money, and this was the first thing that came to my mind. Since I don’t like to work, I decided that this would be the catalyst to a lump some of ill gained cash. So here is what I want, I want all the money you have in you’re pockets, not to mention a VIP room in Buckingham Palace, free for my use whenever I want. I also want one of those crowns with the red felt and criss-crossed gold with jewels in it and the little cross on top, and I will need a scepter also, because with a scepter I can hit anyone that calls me stupid when I carry around a scepter and crown.

If you don’t meet my demands, I am willing to go to some drastic levels. I urge you to try me, call my bluff, and just see what happens.

So make haste Little Lady, and meet my demands, because you don’t want me to reach the third stage of my plan, trust me.

Kerry ….I mean…not.