Gchat –

Mr.Amazing: How are you doing?

me: I’m alright… you?

Mr.Amazing: Doing okay, just wanted to check on you

You seemed super happy this morning, I just didn’t want to lose you to over-happiness…

me: LOL oh, I’m swimming in it

that happiness

Mr.Amazing: you that happiness

yeah.. you

they are so similar

me: I’m just working away, doing what I need too, and noticed something…

Mr.Amazing: what is that?

me: LOL when you decide you hate someone.. you hate everything about them… look at that bitch over there eating those crackers like she owns the place

LMAO! I think I’m hysterical

Mr.Amazing: Wow

me: I looooovvveee you

Mr.Amazing: So… are you upset with them?

I like crackers

Do you hate me?

So are you upset with them?

me: LOL upset? whatever gave you that Idea

I’m murderous… completely different

Mr.Amazing: oh

that seems healthy

me: Right?

Mr.Amazing: not really…

me: Meh… Bitterness looks good on me

Mr.Amazing: Uh…

me: I’ve been told I look nice three times

Mr.Amazing: I think you should just be happy

See, you look nice

Mr.Amazing: Sorry you are attitudey…

me: Its actually my best work quality :)


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