… Its Kinda like a Holiday… Its Bloggess Day!

I woke up this morning… Open my Kindle… and watched in awe as the book downloaded to my device…. Squeeeeeee!!! So to my own blog… whose holiday it is not… I apologize for the neglect as I read this… But… to make it up to you… I will give an EBook copy of this magic as a Bloggess day gift for your very own…. Comment… Baffle me with Bullshit… I will pick a random commenter and squeee in unison with them… YAY US!


The whole thing is I just like her that much… I dont care about visitors to my site… no offense… but Im not selling shit… Im just having fun 🙂

7 comments on “… Its Kinda like a Holiday… Its Bloggess Day!

  1. Rhonda Johnson

    can I just feed you grapes?

    1. Kerry

      I like grapes!

  2. Ashleigh

    The Bloggess is probably the best thing that ever happened to America. I was going to say, “Well except for…” but I couldn’t think of anything better. The Bloggess makes life much less stabby.

    1. Kerry

      … Much less stabby indeed!! 🙂

  3. Dawn

    I so want to get that book!!! I can jump up and down and beg!!
    at least it’s not towels! Although I’ve heard from other sources when traveling you should have a towel, so I’m probably going to get into trouble for getting more of them.

    1. Kerry

      You really cant have too many towels!!!

      1. Kerry

        Thanks for commenting guys… dawns name came outta the fishbowl… which was really a salad bowl that smelled like vinegar….. YAY