Thank You Mr. President!!!

Different isn’t wrong. It’s different.

How hard is it to accept one another…  to practice kindness… not attack people who see the world differently than we do.

Nothing will ever be achieved in saying the person who disagrees with you is a sinner or stupid. Attacking and name-calling isn’t intelligent discussion. It only forces people to dig in their heels (like smallest child is soooooooo good at) as they refuse to hear your argument…. I’ve been guilty of it in the past, but I realize now that if I want someone to really hear me, I have to stop being a bitch as I present the facts.

The facts, as I see them, are as simple as this: love is love. If two people want to celebrate their love by making a lifelong commitment, it should be their decision to make. My life will change in no way when  same-sex marriage becomes a norm. There may be benefits that come about, but there most certainly will be no harm.

My marriage will mean just as much then as it does now.

If you disagree with me, I’ll ask you to substantiate your opinion. If you quote a book in your reasoning, I’ll ask if you’ve really read that book. Perhaps you should to read it again? Because, you know, you can’t pick and choose which lines to live by.

I will ask you if you think it’s OK to stone a woman to death for sleeping with a man (Deuteronomy 22:23-24).

I will ask you if you think it’s OK for a man to sleep with his brother’s wife (Genesis 38:8-10).

I will absolutely ask you if children who curse their mother or father should die (Leviticus 20:9).

And then I will throw the thing in the toilet…. because honestly… knowing it means nothing… preaching it means less… its how I behave …  my actions… that I will judge myself by … and whoever else may judge me….. The book that has been used over and over again as a tool to judge… hate…harm… and rule, That book talks equally about love… charity… kindness… hope… Can we practice a little bit of that?? will help the economy... Gay Bridal Registry... Wedding planners are all a frenzy!!