Dark Shadows… MmmmmHmmmm

This weekend Mr. Amazing and I saw Dark Shadows on an Imax screen… I will say I was shocked to see some families with youngsters in there (one couple brought a toddler… seriously people) … Shocked, because the previews had made it pretty clear there was a lot of sexual innuendos… (Sign me up for some sexual innuendos Depp style please!) … I went in with high expectations… and I was not disappointed… Tim Burton magic occurred… I would see it again! I would not let my almost 13 year old see it, despite its PG13 rating however… so be warned… It was clever… original… funny… and creepy all wrapped into one.. and the witch was a litch (Apparently you have to be a D&D fan to get this reference) .. and one of the better characters ever created! Loved it! Plus… well… Johnny Depp….

7 comments on “Dark Shadows… MmmmmHmmmm

  1. Vivian

    My daughters and I are big Johnny Depp fans must see it.

  2. Justin

    I somewhat agree with this. I enjoyed the movie overall, specifically Depp and Green. The screenplay, however, sucked. The story between Depp’s character and the Victoria character seemed to be on-again and off-again. Victoria led us to the house, then conveniently just stopped progressing her story until much later in the film.

    Green’s character was pleasant and Depp provided some excellent comedic relief at just the right times. The rest of the characters didn’t really develop beyond their introductions. This isn’t the fault of the actors, more the fault of the screenplay.

    Perhaps the biggest gaffe was the daughter’s reveal at the very end of the movie that she was a werewolf, with absolutely no foreshadowing or relevance.

    3.5/5 at best. Anyway, nice review. 🙂

    1. Kerry

      Justin- I actually agree with you about the werewolf gaffe… But I think that lends to the charm… It wasn’t meant to be a serious movie… with a twisting suspenseful plot… it was a classic Tim Burton montage of weird… 🙂

  3. Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom

    Ohhh…when I first read “Mr. Amazing” I thought you were talking about Johnny Depp. 😉 I like that you use that to refer to your hubby. It’s original!

    1. Kerry

      … I love him 🙂

  4. Robin

    I always love the combo of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp! But you’d better believe the tots are staying home. Really, since when is Burton ever appropriate for the little ones?!

  5. Kelly

    Wow. I am always astounded that people bring their little ones to inappropriate movies. Just bad parenting. Happy for the awesome review. Johnny is pretty yums!