Heads or Tails??

Mr. Amazing took small child Mothers Day shopping last Sunday morning, Small child had arrived home from his fathers… slightly defeated looking and present-less… and although I had assured him it was okay far in advance to this happening yet again… and talked him through how it would be okay days ahead… it didn’t make him feel much better…

So off they went… To what we call the “Magic Store” (its really the local Michael’s craft store… but the kids think magic comes out of there.. because whatever we do next is always amazing with our supplies…and they are right)

(imagine the spongebob narrator voice) TWO HOURS LATER

Small child finally after several nervous breakdowns and panic attacks chooses a gift and they come home…

Small child has a problem… I don’t know when it started exactly.. he has had it as long as I can remember… Small child cannot make decisions.. he wants them made for him… he is at a time in his life where he needs to be able to decide for himself…

I have never seen panic attacks (full fledged sweat on the brow, swallowing back vomit, room spinning panic attacks) over something as simple as where would you like to go for dinner… but he has them… he always has… we are working on it

Today I found this from one of my favorite people that I’ve never met’s blog… and I was inspired to do this (see image below)!!! For small child to keep with him at all times… this is by far the best advice Ive ever been given… In my adult life.. and I bet the same is true for my cute boy…

“Make one option heads, and the other tails. Hold the coin in your hand for a minute, visualizing the two options on either side. Take a deep breath, and toss the coin into the air. Suddenly it doesn’t matter which side the coin lands on – because you know which side you’re hoping it lands on. You have your answer. And it’s the right one.”


4 comments on “Heads or Tails??

  1. Nate St. Pierre

    I’ve struggled with anxiety and crippling panic attacks for much of my life – I know how tough it can be, both as a person and a little bit as a parent. Much love to you and your small child…

    1. Kerry

      This will help him so much! I pulled the penny right out of my purse and painted it upon reading your blog… thank you so much!

  2. The New Me

    Awesome!! I’m going to try this with my smallest tornado (child).

  3. Telisha

    Truth – I will pick out several movies then number them – Hubby will choose one and I will be hoping the whole time for only one.
    Panic attacks are not pleasant, if allowed to continue they can cause serious mental harm – find many ways (like the above) to help.
    If they persist I would suggest a trip to the doctors. My hubby has had panic attacks for the last two years – a few of them have even landed him in the ER.