… Lisbon, Portugal… Posts from the Past

Lisbon, Portugal July 2008 (posts from the past)

I was in Lisbon last week on business, Although I had never been to Portugal before, and honestly after russia, any travel was a little disconcerting, I was nervous… But I must say, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. The people were extremely friendly, I was really impressed with their kindness. Happily, my event went off wonderfully, and the scenery was stunning… This is a picture of an apartment building… I fell in love with the exterior…
This wall ran along one of the freeways.. my gracious tour guide/crazy man told me that in the early 1940s gangsters used to dispose of bodies off this bridge…. WOW Gruesome! What a great place to hide the bodies!!! I Love it! This was also the only thing left standing from the earthquake that flattened Lisbon (when ever that was)

THIS ADORABLE MAN! was the doorman at The Pestana Palace Hotel (yes it really was a palace we stayed in, that was converted into a hotel… its gardens were the most beautiful thing I have seen…) Everyday when he would open the door for me he would tip his hat and say in perfect english “Good Day Miss” I wanted to record him doing it… he was a little affronted by that, but did agree to let us snap a picture of him, as you can tell from his smile, I don’t think he minded the attention too awful bad… could he be any cuter?

Here is the lovely door he opened for me each day…..
Then the palace!
This believe it or not is the stables across the street… The horses live better than I do!
Here I am buying souvenirs for the kids…
This wonderful man was my tour guide and tormentor for the day!!! One day he will visit the states and I will return the favor of near death experiences along highways and through traffic… but until then… I leave you with this…. If you ever have the chance to visit Portugal …. do it! (Just don’t eat the food… Trust me!!!)