When Mr. Amazing and I were dating I told him I looovveeedd scary movies, and we went through a time when he tried to show me scary movies… all of which I hated…(Pandorum being the movie I hated most of all)  … I in turn showed him anything and everything by Wes Craven… Stephen King…. etc… and he just rolled his eyes and we agreed that we liked scary movies for different reasons… I dont like being scared… I like the warped sense of humor that comes in those movies… Seriously… Freddie Krueger… being my all time favorite.

Mr. Amazing would regale me with tales of hiding from his parents behind the couch to watch “Alien” and being absolutely terrified … I of course having an older brother had seen it… but it had been so many years I couldn’t remember anything but the alien coming out of Sigourney Weavers faux uterus… so we watched it.. and mr. amazing prepared to laugh as I shrieked and screamed…  I laughed through the whole movie… to the point of tears when the creepy robot man melted… Much to the dismay of Mr. Amazing… WOW thats a hell of a lead into Prometheus… but I must say it was required because there was a lot of pressure on this movie date this weekend…. He so wanted it to be everything alien wasn’t… he didn’t want me to laugh…. oh my hell… I laughed… and laughed… the entire audience was laughing… and we kept rolling our eyes … and saying “ridiculous”… but were still completely enraptured with the scenery… and the gruesomeness… and then we jumped in our seats a little… and had some nostalgic feel good moments….  questioned the existence of God… and laughed again as some people died… because well… you will just have to see it for yourself… and that is the whole point of this really… see it for yourself… because at the end of all of the “oh my gods” and “oh puhleezes”… I realized that it was probably one of the most entertaining two hours all weekend… and I loved it… and Just like I dont like Freddy for scary… I dont like prometheus for a good alien flick (there isn’t a good alien sci fi flick as far as Im concerned… other than Star Trek) But that it was awesome.. and warped.. and a lot of fun! (btw. The opening 10 minutes of the film in Imax 3d were AMAZING!, absolutely breathtaking)

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