Ummm I usually try to tell you why I like or didn’t like a movie without actually saying anything that could be considered a spoiler… However… This movie was horrible… No character development… lame ass CG animals… Shady dwarves… (The queen was great!) … people were dying all over the place… and they hadn’t taken the time to attach you to any of them… it was bad… Netflix will have it shortly… wait for it if you us see it… or skip it all together… Kristen looked like what I have always envisioned a real snow-white like… stunningly beautiful… and then when she opened her mouth…  or reacted to a situation… it ruined it… and it was very much just like watching bella bleed out on the table again… lame sauce…. There I said it. Hi Ho! its off to work I go :)

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One Response to … Snow White and the Huntsman… WTF????

  1. bsqueegy says:

    you are being very kind Hollywood has always been far from reality but, this was just a scewed up story line made up poetic license, and yes the Queen was the only fulfilled charactor.

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