Dedicated to Tolman… And her children who really know how to end a conversation

Mom: “Em, what do you want mama to make for your birthday dinner tomorrow night?”

Em: “I want to go to Las Vegas!”

Mom: “A little out of my price range, my dear little diva!”

Em: “Okay, mac n cheese.”


Noel: <snort!>
Mom: That’s disgusting! I knew someone who got fired for doing that!
Noel: What did they do when they got fired?
Mom: They cried!
Nikolas: Waaa! <snort!> Waaa! <snort!> Waaa! <snort!>


Nana to Noel: “When is your audition for ‘Annie’?”

Nikolas: “Tomorrow! Tomorrow!”


Em: Guess what Noel! We had a sleep over at my dads… Mom slept in his bed!

Mom: <Silence>

Em: Mom you didn’t bring your Pajamas!

Mom: Look <pointing out the window> Horses!!

The family is eating pizza… Minding their own business…

Mom: Hey dad (Grandpa) i have a question for you.

Steve: <Jumps in being funny> Where do babies come from?…

Noel: from a penis! <She was 3>