What I am is… well… what I am

I Am

I am Sassy and Sweet … like a sour patch kid
I wonder how many ripples every action I make causes
I hear waves crashing even as I sleep landlocked
I see energy as colors that vibrate around people
I want to worry less and enjoy more
I am Gentle and yet so capable of being harsh

I pretend to understand why we live this life the way we do
I feel like we make this so much harder than it is
I touch the wind
I worry that I am not good enough… for even the smallest things
I cry when angry, when scared, when frustrated, when happy, I cry too much
I am Sassy and Sweet … like a sour patch kid

I understand that there is more than what we see
I say truth is something we must stand in
I dream my fears
I try to not let them control me
I hope I am teaching the smalls to walk in love, not fear
I am Sassy and Sweet … like a sour patch kid


Now make your own (Here)… Because it actually moved me

Thank you so much for this weeks prompt…  I really needed that moment


4 comments on “What I am is… well… what I am

  1. emily

    I enjoyed reading your ‘i am’ post. I was surprised how difficult it got at certain prompts, and I considered redoing it, but I decided against it. …and isn’t it funny how much harder we can make things?!

  2. Jerralea

    Wasn’t this fun? I enjoyed it, Miss Sassy and Sweet!

  3. @MryJhnsn from iNeedaPlaydate

    Such a wonderful poem! I love how you added to it and truly made it yours. Brilliant!