This isn’t a real post… I like to think of it as more like a Public Service Announcement…. <Cue announcer voice> “We Will be interrupting the normal Friday nonsense for these…







Residents in Las Vegas warned again Chimpanzees on the loose…. Best headline ever… I guess what happens in Vegas rule doesn’t apply to Primates







Scientists rendered images of Dinosaurs having sex… really… apparently they have been working on this theory for decades…. WOW … well…. Just

look for yourself….  THANK YOU DAILY MAIL!


I couldn’t make this shit up…Well…. real life wins…..







and I win the interwebs!!!


P.s. If you are new here… its not always nonsense… I’ve been writing some pieces that are going up this next week that I am very Proud of… Stay Tuned.

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One Response to Chimps gone wild! & Dinosaur Porn! … It Must be Friday!

  1. bahahahaha – I wish I had something clever to write but I am laughing to hard :D

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