… And finally… I get to play the part of Your Evil Wicked Stepmom…

Happy Birthday Smallest Child….

The first time we ever met, you were two … Even though your dad and I weren’t even dating then, I knew, deep down, that I was going to be part of your life…. The thought scared me a little but excited me more.. I feel so lucky that you like me… I think you even love me…

Now you are six and you are growing up so fast!

Sometimes I wish time would freeze and you would always be small, because I treasure this time with you….  I love it when we’re in the car and you talk to me about things that are important to you….  I know you don’t really talk to just anyone about stuff that’s hard on you… and I’m so glad you trust me and want to share…. I hope you will always talk to me about things that matter to you.

I Love Thursdays… When you come home… I missed you too … I always do on the days we don’t see you… Sometimes it’s really hard not to see you every day!

I cherish your small hand in mine, and when you climb in my lap… When we are doing fun things together I try to memorize everything so that I can hold on to the memories when you are grown… I hope I never forget how small and cute and wonderful you are! Sometimes you just crack me up…  It also makes me laugh that you seem to have a strange and incessant desire to push buttons…You can be so silly sometimes, and I love to hear your giggle…. I adore the way you laugh, it makes me laugh in return every time.

I know things will probably not always be as easy as they are now, and maybe our relationship won’t always be so positive…. I have a feeling your teenage years are going to be rough on all of us…. But I hold onto the hope that you and I are laying an early foundation of love, trust, and respect that will last…. I cherish you more than I ever thought possible…. I hope you always know that.

So I will continue to help from the sidelines… I will continue to help in any way I can… I will continue to love you

Happy Birthday Pretty Facey

One comment on “… And finally… I get to play the part of Your Evil Wicked Stepmom…

  1. Tolman

    Awwww! So cute! Both of you! 🙂