Your Political Guide to Fast Food Restaurants…

Picture if you will… the moral dilemma I faced in 100 degree weather yesterday afternoon… As I ran to get lunch for some co-workers … They wanted Chick Fil A… Chick Fil A was filled with all kinds of appreciative customers… which I was not one (I had never actually been to a Chick Fil A) So I find it Ironic that the day I go requires me going against my stance on equality… bigotry… and Hate….


Or did it?

This Morning KFC came out in support of LGBT Equality… Well… damn… I hate their nasty food… where is the chicken equality…

People… I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried!

But Try we Shall….

McDonalds comes out in support of only homosexuals and denigrates the existence of heterosexuals
Burger King is for all forms of sexual attraction, including bisexual and autosexual
Subway only supports transgenders
Taco Bell is for lesbians only, duh (LMAO!)
Arbys suggests that anyone who sells meat between two buns can not really be against being Gay… and right they are….
The Sign Lies… Its not really delicious 🙂


2 comments on “Your Political Guide to Fast Food Restaurants…

  1. Telisha

    I never saw HATE or bigotry in a statement of PERSONAL Belief – then again I am sure you saw my post on the issue.

  2. Kerry

    honestly I didnt in his personal belief either, Other than if it was some someones personal belief that a race was better than another, people wouldn’t defend the KKK’s freedom of speech… But I was referring to the people that lined up to buy sandwiches that day… No one has ever lined up like that to feed the homeless… Thats all I meant. Your post was awesome btw.