… Meg and the Tomatillo Enchiladas (Sounds like a childs book)

Me: In the oven at this moment is green tomatillo enchilada magic…. You owe meg
         uh  Me… Not meg
         I don’t even know who meg is
         If you know a meg… You don’t owe her… You owe me
Mr Amazing: lol I owe Meg, got it
Me: Nooooo not meg… I will kick Meg’s ass.
Mr Amazing: lol
Mr Amazing: Okay…
Me: Is this meg? I found her on my iPad
Mr Amazing: Oh shit, She doesn’t mean anything to me
                            I promise
             Neither does things one I suppose
Mr Amazing: Nope, not a thing
Me: You’re a floozy

Mr Amazing: I have been called many things
Me: Yeah.. Well My iPad is full of em
Mr Amazing: Lazy, annoying, cold, cruel, mean, forgetful, depressing, killjoy
  but never “floozy”
Me: Well.. There you go
  There’s a first for everything
(Try making those magic enchiladas meg!!! Good luck with that!!! I’m posting the recipe only to show off that I can now use a stove… incase you read my other post)
Chicken green tomatillo enchiladas.
This recipe is a great enchilada sauce, if you wanted little more spicy, throw in extra jalapenos. it will make about 8 enchiladas. 2 per person.
Number of Servings: 4
8 flour tortillas
4 oz mozzarela
shredded chicken breast 12 oz
Canned Tomatillos (large)
Sour cream (One pint (I use the substitute))
1 Can chicken broth
*Boil chicken breast for about 30 min. shredd the meat.
*boil green tomatillos,peppers,garlic for about 10 min.
*add to blender broth, tomatillos, sourcream.
medium deep pan add the tomatillo sauce as a bottom layer
Roll Tortillas with chicken and cheese. add a little more sauce on top and put some cheese on top of enchiladas.
Enjoy! (Bake at 375 til melted and gooey and bubbling)

3 comments on “… Meg and the Tomatillo Enchiladas (Sounds like a childs book)

  1. Mindy

    It looks amazing, but I must point out that peppers and garlic were mentioned in the step by step, but not in the ingredient list.
    I only point this out because I might want to try to make this someday.
    Oh yeah, and I’ve been called Meg before. Sure it was by my sister doing the Mom thing, but …yeah. 😉

    1. Kerry

      Ha ha! I Love that I left them out of the ingredient list… And I Mean Pepper and Garlic… Not actual peppers… I don’t salt it because of the broth.I do believe now that I am fully awake.. I have fixed my typos 🙂

  2. Tolman

    Mmmmmm!! 6 pm sound good for you? I’ll have beverages.