Its Writer’s Workshop time again… This weeks prompt was fun! Just because I can imagine us all in some coffee shop… or neighborhood bar… retelling the days.

Share 5 Fictional Friends you’d want in real life. (Movie/Book/TV etc.)



Harry Potter! So what if he’s a little whiny sometimes? Harry would still be a kickass friend. Think he’d speak Parseltongue if I got him drunk enough?

Bilbo Baggins! He has even better adventures than Tom Sawyer! And a better sense of humor, better jewelry, better-insulated feet. Just better all around!

Lara Croft!  She is  a bad ass, and she always seems to find the treasure she is looking for.

Optimus Prime! He is so Cool! and he is a car… what more could you ask for?

And lastly… but not least by any means…. (You all think I’m going to say Captain Jack Sparrow)

Sally Owens! From practical magic… we would be BFFs!


Now I’m going to state the obvious! How cool would my life be? Christmas presents from Lara Croft? Hey Optimus! I’m stuck in traffic! Help!

All that being said, the collection of characters I have in my life already is pretty amazing. I wouldn’t change them for anything!!!

I just wish Mr. Amazing could turn into a car sometimes :)


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7 Responses to … the collection of characters I have in my life already is pretty amazing.. Just imagine if you will.

  1. LOVE IT!! I might add John Pope from Falling Skies, just because he is a smarta$$ AND nice to look at! :)

  2. Sarah says:

    I did this prompt as well, but did not even consider Transformers! Where is my mind? Wonderful post– I followed Mama Kat’s linky to find it.

  3. NatteringNic says:

    Not a huge Transformers fan but I would totally love a friend who could turn into a car! Seriously, how convenient would that be?? Fun post

    *clickin’ in from MamaKat*

  4. Andie says:

    That would be awesome. I am in favor of anything with super powers!

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