Articles for the Month of October 2012

… This is Halloween!… This is Halloween!!

Here they are all lit up!!!


Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween! My thoughts and prayers, and a hopes of lots of Halloween goodies to everyone on the East Coast!


…. We all need a little birdhouse

You know when you can’t sleep all night, and your screaming in your head in frustration, but your body is coiled up with tension… Yeah that… And then ten minutes before you alarm goes off after you have checked the time every five minutes for six hours … You fall asleep… That… Then the alarm goes off and you spring out of bed like its on fire …. And try and figure out how to get through the day …. That… Then you walk outside to drive to work… in this…

And by the time you get to work… the temperature changes have made your windshield look like this….

(I like to think its smiling at me)

Makes the perfect day for a song like this….

These 12 lines are brought to you by MamaKats writing prompts

Much Love!

Listen… If I tell you I shaved my legs… Im hitting on you..

 me:  I vote we go pick up Indian together when you get home…. I shaved my legs this morning
Mr. Amazing: you shaved, so we should go to Indian? trying to understand the logic
                       What would have happened if you didn’t shave?
 me:  Noooooo …. listen… If I tell you I shaved my legs… Im hitting on you
Mr. Amazing:  if I tell you that I shaved my legs, I am hitting on you?
 me:  Yes!
Mr. Amazing:  And I shaved my legs haphazardly with my fingernails, how hot is that?
 me:  Uhhhh okay… I think my leg hair is growing in.
Mr. Amazing:  wha? already? damn it
 me:  I am left speechless
Mr. Amazing: Well the alternative is I get take out and then eat Indian at home, or just not get take out at all
 me:  Noooo I decided last week … And you ate onions
Mr. Amazing: As it should be
 me:  It was a disaster
Mr. Amazing:  yes, and they were wonderful
 me:  Oniongate 2012
Mr. Amazing:  lol I don’t want to think about it, I was so sick
 me:  Soooo this whole thing is on you, Maybe you don’t even want Indian, You were super sick
Mr. Amazing:  Indian it is
 me:  or even Himalayan kitchen if you want?
Mr. Amazing: You like Indian better
 me:  Actually I’m good for a change, as long as what ever you bring me is super crazy spicy
Mr. Amazing:  Indian it is
 me: … it all sounds equally good, as long as its hot, I kinda want the chicken… I might be delirious
Mr. Amazing:  Okay, chicken? seriously? do you want to think about that?
 me:  No, it sounds good
Mr. Amazing:  let’s go through this
 me:  But it has to be melt my face off hot
Mr. Amazing: first bite… good
                                  second bite… good
 me:  LMAO!
 Mr. Amazing:  third bite… okay
                               fourth bite… meh
                               fifth bite… gross
 me:  I wanna eat it
 Mr. Amazing:  (first bite)
 Mr. Amazing:  so… chicken?
 me:  Yeah!
 Mr. Amazing:  Uh huh
 me:  Hot!
Mr. Amazing: I am not ordering until 30 mins before I leave, so let me know if that changes
 me:  I dont think I slept well last night… My eyes are leaky and I think this is all very funny

… Sail

This is what I imagine the theme-song of my dreams to sound like… Love!

… Thinking of you #WordlessWednesday

David House Eccles

Chief Headdress I Want To Be a Friend of Yours

(Author Unknown)

I want to be a friend of yours (mmmm) and a little bit more.
I want to be a pal of yours (mmmm) and a little bit more.
I want to be a little flower growing by your door.
I want to be your grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, sister, brother (mmmm) and a little bit more.

Someday I’m going to …

… Live next to the ocean …I will  fall sleep every night with the crashing waves creating white noise… rather than my fan… or my app on my phone… and start each morning with the scent of coffee filling the small loft… I will finally find the time to write all of these stories trapped in my head…and there will always be music… and always be candles… and I will always be found perched high above the walk below… in a window seat… laptop on my lap… watching the people on the boardwalk below… making them my characters… giving them names… and roots… I will walk to my favorite coffee shop and sink into a large over stuffed chair with a vanilla lo-fat latte and discuss politics with the local older men… and laugh at their passionate debates… with my hair piled on top of my head in some ridiculous form of a bun… and the softest oldest most tattered hoodie, with the most comfortable jeans … I won’t be wealthy… this much I know… But I would like to be comfortable… comfortable enough to spoil the grand-babies or whomever babies I will dripping with on Sundays… searching for moonstones on moonstone beach … passing out apples and sandwiches to the older ones running barefoot in the sand… cradling the sleeping newborn whose form has found its natural curve from a head on my shoulder… torso over breast… and tiny feet poking out from my arm holding it there…I want to experience the peace and quiet at the Mission so often that the Father and Sisters know me by name… I want to light candles in remembrance .. and not attend a single service there…I want to drink a dark beer when at hauffbras… and a peach wine when anywhere else…  I will watch and wait… every night either from the window… or preferably with my toes in the sand sinking in a bit deeper with each wave as it stretch to its limited reach out of the ocean… I will wait for my chance to see the green flash…  I will know the temperature it needs to be… what cycle of the tide… with a breeze or without… for its perfect chance to appear… and I will see it… and I will know then that I have done it all…. You see… This may not sound like much… But I have done everything else… I have birthed my child… raised a few more… had a first grandchild… I have toured the Louvre… and watched the sunrise from the lawns around the Eiffel tower…I have been papered by the armed policemen in Red Square… I have seen the castles on the hillside in Portugal …  I have walked the streets of Paris… Moscow…Lisbon…. I have flown from coast to coast several times… I would like to do it all again I suppose… I would like to see more things… meet more people… experience more cultures… But all of that is secondary to my wanting to write…


I chose this writing prompt from my favorite writers workshop…

… Someday…

Hotel Transylvania = ZING!

The Smalls LOVED it… I wouldn’t take anyone under school aged (As school really seems to refine their taste in bathroom humor and you will be rewarded with loud shrieks of laughter and joy each time a monster farts… which happens a lot)

With the voices of Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Fran Drescher,  and David Spade. (Many more, but these were the ones I recognized) it tells a story of Dracula, the owner of Hotel Transylvania, where the world’s monsters can take a rest from human civilization. Dracula invites some of the most famous monsters, including Frankenstein’s monster, Mummy, a Werewolf family, and the Invisible Man, to celebrate the 118th birthday of his daughter Mavis. When the hotel is unexpectedly visited by an ordinary young traveler named Jonathan (This got an extra woot! from my kids), Dracula must protect Mavis from falling in love with him before it is too late….

But of course they Zing (There is an entire rap about it for those of you who don’t know what Zinging is!)

There are some pretty adult lines that had Mr. Amazing and I catching each others eye over the heads of the smalls sitting between us and raising our eyebrows in shock… But nothing the kids were aware of.. It was adorable! A definite family must see for Halloween!!!

“Pumpkins! Anything with pumpkins!”

Sooo the prompts came out this week, And I have been lurking in this workshop for a long time, and I post quite often from the prompts, and I was counting down to them this week, because I am simply want to write so badly, but cant seem to focus on one thing long enough to get it out, so the prompts were posted yesterday and I quickly scanned them… Nothing… Nothing sparked… There was one that made me nostalgic… But I’ve written my share of despondent posts lately… So I opened it again this morning… and the same prompt jumped out at me… And I realized the reason the prompt made me sad is because that time in my life with small child has passed… I am a HUGE believer that when something exits your life it makes room for something better… and on that note I am choosing to write from the prompt “Pumpkins! Anything with pumpkins!”

This will be the first year small child is not going to go Trick Or Treating, He is too old.

No more fighting him to put a coat on under his costume.

No more cute costumes.

No more shrieks of joy and disgust at reaching into the pumpkin for the seeds as we carve.


Trading them for the Haunted Houses!

The scary movies!

The hiding around corners to scare the Trick or Treaters.

Zombies! Ghosts! Werewolves!

Fake Blood

Pumpkin carving with those cool kits! Making amazing designs!

Roasted pumpkin seeds with Cayenne pepper!

Hot Pumpkin lattes!

Smashing pumpkins (not the band)… well and maybe the band too.

Doorbell ditching, Toilet papering!

There is a new teenager in the neighborhood, and a mommy that just loves acting like one!