“Pumpkins! Anything with pumpkins!”

Sooo the prompts came out this week, And I have been lurking in this workshop for a long time, and I post quite often from the prompts, and I was counting down to them this week, because I am simply want to write so badly, but cant seem to focus on one thing long enough to get it out, so the prompts were posted yesterday and I quickly scanned them… Nothing… Nothing sparked… There was one that made me nostalgic… But I’ve written my share of despondent posts lately… So I opened it again this morning… and the same prompt jumped out at me… And I realized the reason the prompt made me sad is because that time in my life with small child has passed… I am a HUGE believer that when something exits your life it makes room for something better… and on that note I am choosing to write from the prompt “Pumpkins! Anything with pumpkins!”

This will be the first year small child is not going to go Trick Or Treating, He is too old.

No more fighting him to put a coat on under his costume.

No more cute costumes.

No more shrieks of joy and disgust at reaching into the pumpkin for the seeds as we carve.


Trading them for the Haunted Houses!

The scary movies!

The hiding around corners to scare the Trick or Treaters.

Zombies! Ghosts! Werewolves!

Fake Blood

Pumpkin carving with those cool kits! Making amazing designs!

Roasted pumpkin seeds with Cayenne pepper!

Hot Pumpkin lattes!

Smashing pumpkins (not the band)… well and maybe the band too.

Doorbell ditching, Toilet papering!

There is a new teenager in the neighborhood, and a mommy that just loves acting like one!



3 comments on ““Pumpkins! Anything with pumpkins!”

  1. Jamie@SouthMainMuse

    I know it’s funny when they reach the not-trick-or-treating age. My oldest would say he wasn’t — then at the last minute would throw on his football uniform and head out. There is something terribly fun about Halloween. Like you, I find it hard not to become childlike again.

  2. Melissa

    I agree with the above writer–I wonder if the night will come and he’ll quickly want to make a costume to go trick or treating 🙂

  3. carol

    My daughter is just going through that now with her oldest daughter. Too old to trick-or-treat, yet too young to not be done. She says she won’t do it this year… we’ll see! Halloween is the start of a few holidays that keep us young at heart. Thank goodness!