… Live next to the ocean …I will  fall sleep every night with the crashing waves creating white noise… rather than my fan… or my app on my phone… and start each morning with the scent of coffee filling the small loft… I will finally find the time to write all of these stories trapped in my head…and there will always be music… and always be candles… and I will always be found perched high above the walk below… in a window seat… laptop on my lap… watching the people on the boardwalk below… making them my characters… giving them names… and roots… I will walk to my favorite coffee shop and sink into a large over stuffed chair with a vanilla lo-fat latte and discuss politics with the local older men… and laugh at their passionate debates… with my hair piled on top of my head in some ridiculous form of a bun… and the softest oldest most tattered hoodie, with the most comfortable jeans … I won’t be wealthy… this much I know… But I would like to be comfortable… comfortable enough to spoil the grand-babies or whomever babies I will dripping with on Sundays… searching for moonstones on moonstone beach … passing out apples and sandwiches to the older ones running barefoot in the sand… cradling the sleeping newborn whose form has found its natural curve from a head on my shoulder… torso over breast… and tiny feet poking out from my arm holding it there…I want to experience the peace and quiet at the Mission so often that the Father and Sisters know me by name… I want to light candles in remembrance .. and not attend a single service there…I want to drink a dark beer when at hauffbras… and a peach wine when anywhere else…  I will watch and wait… every night either from the window… or preferably with my toes in the sand sinking in a bit deeper with each wave as it stretch to its limited reach out of the ocean… I will wait for my chance to see the green flash…  I will know the temperature it needs to be… what cycle of the tide… with a breeze or without… for its perfect chance to appear… and I will see it… and I will know then that I have done it all…. You see… This may not sound like much… But I have done everything else… I have birthed my child… raised a few more… had a first grandchild… I have toured the Louvre… and watched the sunrise from the lawns around the Eiffel tower…I have been papered by the armed policemen in Red Square… I have seen the castles on the hillside in Portugal …  I have walked the streets of Paris… Moscow…Lisbon…. I have flown from coast to coast several times… I would like to do it all again I suppose… I would like to see more things… meet more people… experience more cultures… But all of that is secondary to my wanting to write…


I chose this writing prompt from my favorite writers workshop…

… Someday…

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4 Responses to Someday I’m going to …

  1. Telisha says:

    As a writer, still yet to be published, I can and do understand.
    I wrote, scrapped, wrote again, scribbled, tossed until one day about 6 years ago MY story bloomed.
    It would not be denied. My family got sick of hearing – five more minutes.
    It will happen – the best thing you can do is write – about anything to anyone.
    Mine is in the last stages before I self publish. I am not writing to be rich rather because I have a story that is worth sharing. ;)

  2. Beautiful. I know exactly how you feel, and you put it so perfectly. Stopping by from Mama Kat’s.

  3. Katie says:

    I get to live near the beach when I visit my daughter in Santa Barbara. Wish I was there right now. Visiting from MamaKats.

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