Listen… If I tell you I shaved my legs… Im hitting on you..

 me:  I vote we go pick up Indian together when you get home…. I shaved my legs this morning
Mr. Amazing: you shaved, so we should go to Indian? trying to understand the logic
                       What would have happened if you didn’t shave?
 me:  Noooooo …. listen… If I tell you I shaved my legs… Im hitting on you
Mr. Amazing:  if I tell you that I shaved my legs, I am hitting on you?
 me:  Yes!
Mr. Amazing:  And I shaved my legs haphazardly with my fingernails, how hot is that?
 me:  Uhhhh okay… I think my leg hair is growing in.
Mr. Amazing:  wha? already? damn it
 me:  I am left speechless
Mr. Amazing: Well the alternative is I get take out and then eat Indian at home, or just not get take out at all
 me:  Noooo I decided last week … And you ate onions
Mr. Amazing: As it should be
 me:  It was a disaster
Mr. Amazing:  yes, and they were wonderful
 me:  Oniongate 2012
Mr. Amazing:  lol I don’t want to think about it, I was so sick
 me:  Soooo this whole thing is on you, Maybe you don’t even want Indian, You were super sick
Mr. Amazing:  Indian it is
 me:  or even Himalayan kitchen if you want?
Mr. Amazing: You like Indian better
 me:  Actually I’m good for a change, as long as what ever you bring me is super crazy spicy
Mr. Amazing:  Indian it is
 me: … it all sounds equally good, as long as its hot, I kinda want the chicken… I might be delirious
Mr. Amazing:  Okay, chicken? seriously? do you want to think about that?
 me:  No, it sounds good
Mr. Amazing:  let’s go through this
 me:  But it has to be melt my face off hot
Mr. Amazing: first bite… good
                                  second bite… good
 me:  LMAO!
 Mr. Amazing:  third bite… okay
                               fourth bite… meh
                               fifth bite… gross
 me:  I wanna eat it
 Mr. Amazing:  (first bite)
 Mr. Amazing:  so… chicken?
 me:  Yeah!
 Mr. Amazing:  Uh huh
 me:  Hot!
Mr. Amazing: I am not ordering until 30 mins before I leave, so let me know if that changes
 me:  I dont think I slept well last night… My eyes are leaky and I think this is all very funny