Pi … The life of …The Zebra!

We (Mr. Amazing, Small Child and I) made our way into the theater loaded up with “Dinner” (Popcorn, nachos, candy, and a Turkey Sandwich!) Excited for the movie, 3D glasses are passed around, and we settle into our seats … This is not the normal movie for we three… We are Marvel fans… Super Heroes… The Hobbit… Hunger Games… But this caught our attention… the promise of stunning visuals and a spiritual experience… So we were a little confused as it opened and we laughed at some of the childhood stories… and we drooled over the amazing cuisine they kept showing… and then we tensed up as the directors of the film expect you too as the boat scenes start… The boat sinks… Pi is the only human on the life boat with the animals… The Zebra cries out as his flank is attacked by a Hyena…

Small Child completely loses composure and dissolves into gut wrenching sobs…

Mr. Amazing suggests it might be to scary for him… and I look at him and realize… Small Child isn’t scared… He LOVES the Zebra… He stands to leave the theater as the Orangutan fights for its life… and loses as well…. Completely inconsolable…

In the hall we get him calmed down… and I am so touched by his empathy… so moved by his love of animals… that I send Mr. Amazing back into the “Life of Pi” and I take small child to an attendant, and get permission to theater hop until the movie is over… We watched again the ending of Rise of the Guardians … Which oddly I didn’t review – But Highly Recommend to all ages. We then caught the last 45 minutes of the latest and final Twilight installment… Which again I had seen… didn’t review… also recommend. We giggled… and hugged… Mother and Son… My beautiful amazing son… who can watch NCIS… BONES… and any other kind of action film… and still maintain such an innocence… and be so sensitive … I was so proud of him.

Mr. Amazing finished the Life of Pi… he came out of the theater shedding emotional tears… He was so deeply moved by the movie and couldn’t say enough about the beauty of the film… and the colors… He loved it… he thinks everyone should see it… Everyone but my amazing son.

I’ve never reviewed a movie I didn’t actually watch… So I guess this is more of a story than a review.

Maybe this is more of a prayer than a story… I pray nothing ever happens to small child… that would make that scene in that movie okay for him to see…  I hope he always LOVES the zebra!


2 comments on “Pi … The life of …The Zebra!

  1. Tamara Tipton

    Awe, how sweet. I hope he never loses that innocence either.

  2. Telisha

    Love that he has such a tender heart.
    My son LOVED Rise of the Guardians and I loved the last Twilight. Still a little cheesy but well done.
    As for Life of Pi I will watch it without the children – thank you for the heads up!