List the top 9 things that bring you joy.

mama kats

What brings you joy?

What a fantastic question at such an amazing time of year!

1- My Children

(The Tall – The Smalls – The Tiniest of all!)

2- Mr. Amazing

(Unless he lets a chicken hawk eat my kittens)

3- Love - In all of its amazing forms

(Friends – Family – Pets)

4- Art – In all of its amazing forms

(Photography – Paintings- Music)

5 -Being Alive- Nothing more or less.

(Everything is perfect)

6- The look of Christmas lights

(and the smell of chimney smoke on a winter night)

7- My sense of humour

( :) – My Blog! )

8- Hitting the lights green on the way home

(Finding joy in simple things)

9- Wildflowers

(Seeing birds flying and the sun beaming down)


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One Response to … What brings you joy?

  1. Katie says:

    Most times joy is indeed found in the smallest things.

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