… Heart of the House

This Week’s Prompt – SHOW US YOUR KITCHEN!

mama kats

The first thing that came to mind is WHY? Who would want to see my kitchen!! I know… It is to judge my hard water problems… or organizational skills? Because really I do not need your opinion (Unless you have a magical hard water remedy)


And then I thought that perhaps it was to judge my junk food… (It is two weeks before the Puppy/Super bowl!!) … I guess no one is buying the “I just have a slow metabolism” routine again.


All kidding aside… I realized this is the room where the magic happens… Whoa! not that magic! We keep that in the bedroom… for the most part.

(you are wondering now aren’t you)


This is the heart of my home… this counter… this is where we roll out Christmas cookies… and color… serve play dough pizzas… homework…pancakes on the weekends… This is where we have Settlers of Catan show downs … wrap birthday presents … discuss our day while dinner is being prepared… it is where the cat lounges in the sun… Toddlers are set to put on their shoes … multiple parties and holidays along with their appropriate food spreads have been set out here and surrounded and picked at by the people I love… jokes told… laughter filling the room…. kids running around it with Nerf guns and princess dresses… tea is prepared … served… sipped… It really is a magical place.

(Also- I get that this isn’t really wordless.. but there are pictures… and it is Wednesday)

11 comments on “… Heart of the House

  1. Life with Kaishon

    Kitchens really are the heart of the home, aren’t they? I love the magic that happens there. And P.S. I totally believe you about the slow metabolism!

  2. annie

    I love your gathering area. We are currently creating a kitchen that will have something like that…if it ever gets done!

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s.

  3. Ginger

    LOL! Thanks for the giggle “Magic” and no judging here….that’s why I picked a different prompt…LOL!

  4. Monica

    I dream of having a counter like that! It’s beautiful.
    PS: if you want to get rid of some of that junk food, you can send it over here. I’m suddenly craving potato chips 😉

  5. Mama Melch

    I would LOVE the heck out of that counter space, which it sounds like you do too. Nice Kitchen!

  6. BonnyBard

    Love the counter! there’s just something about the kitchen that just says family to me…

  7. deana

    I love your island! That’s my dream for my kitchen.

  8. Azara

    That island looks wonderful and I could just picture everything you wrote about happening there. Such a happy feeling to this post.

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s.

  9. Nan

    The most important room in my house is kitchen too, it is magic place to change beef to be steak, vegetable to be delicious soup 🙂
    Thank you for joy my wordless Wednesday blog hop,
    Please feel free to drop by often,