… This is a post in self defense!

So for a few days now I have been trying to come up with something really amazing to post… My 200th post is SO CLOSE and well…  did you hear me? 200 POSTS! (almost)

I tried to remember what life was like before smiffbib… and I really couldn’t … Much like when a child enters your life…  I suppose in all reality… it is my BABY!


I think back to my time blogging on Smiffbib…. It’s been almost a year of reflecting… opining… and sharing many cups of coffee with you…  my dear readers… Whoever the hell you are… while we’ve chatted about life and everything in between.

And over that time… I feel like a part of my life has actually changed directly as a result of this blogging experience….

Laughing at myself isn’t something I’ve had too much trouble doing over the years … Things that were once kept in the dark recesses of my rapidly fading memory are now on full public display for all to enjoy at my expense… and the pressure of this magical post quickly began to weigh on me… stress me out… how could I ever put it into words how much this all means to me… when it is all complete nonsense? I actually shed a tear trying to find a way to express everything it is to me… everything it means… words aren’t enough…

So I decided to call it off… 200 is no big deal…. HAPPY 199 BABY!


 I get some sort of gift for this don’t I???

4 comments on “… This is a post in self defense!

  1. Mindy Allen

    I believe the 199th post gift is tin. Too bad you didn’t hold out for 200. I’d have to check with Emily Post, but I’m pretty sure 200 is big fat sparkly diamonds.

  2. Kerry

    Ppppbbbfff diamonds…. Soooo overrated.

  3. Tolman

    I’m pretty sure the gift is wine.

    1. Kerry

      Woot! I Vote WINE!!!