Earth to Kerry…

Messages from Last Sunday…

Sue: Earth to Kerry – Kerry are you down there somewhere?

Me:  Here I am… Buried in snow!

Sue: I’m in the hospital gonna have another surgery on Sunday

Me: You are? On what?

Sue: I’m so fucking scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: What is the surgery on? Your knee?

Sue: On my knee to take out all the hardware from the replacement surgery

Me: Oh man.. That sounds painful

Sue: What do you think happens when you die?

Me: I think your soul is freed from the body and reunites with other familiar energies… And pranks those of us blinded by our physical bodies

I don’t think there is a single ounce of pain, or fear in the afterlife… Just a continuance of love

But I also think that you aren’t going anywhere yet

Sue: and what happens to evil people?

Me: I think that when freed from the body, the guilt of what they realize and the lack of loved ones makes them alone in the dark.

Sue: I SURE wish I could believe like you

I need to update my status and let family know whats a happening. Wanna write it for me?

Me: Yes I do…say this

Held hostage in hospital, they want my knee as payment! Send licorice

I love you sweetheart. I’m just trying to cheer you up

Sue: I wish you were here!

Me: I would have licorice!

Sue: LOL

Me: Okay woman, I have to go shovel two feet of snow… I will check on you in bit okay?

<at midnight Sunday the following message came in>

Danielle from Sue’s account : Hey Kerry, mom isn’t doing too well… She went into cardiac arrest today and is in critical condition. They did CPR for 20 mins and are sure there was some degree of brain injury… We don’t know exactly what caused it and haven’t got to see her yet they have her on a lot of machines right now.. Hopefully we will hear more soon

Me: Okay sweetie, praying for her.

Danielle from Sue’s account : They just said the prognosis doesn’t look good


Me: That breaks my heart… I’m hoping for the best


<6 am message>


Danielle from Sue’s account :Mom passed away a little after 4am


I shared this for a couple reasons… one being I wanted to keep it…. to remember my last conversation with my dear friend … the second being a sweet reminder that you never know… and you cant say you ‘I love you” too much…. Third and Last –  It seems a little cliche doesn’t it? Her asking me that one week prior? But it happened? How did she know?


I want to know what you think happens when we die?



5 comments on “Earth to Kerry…

  1. Mama Melch

    I’m not sure what happens when we die, but I sure hope it is like you imagine. What an amazingly sad but perfect goodbye. The uncertainty of life is certainly what makes it so special though, isn’t it? Peace to you at your friend’s passing Kerry.

  2. Kerry

    Beautifully said… Thank you.

  3. Tamara

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend, but so grateful that your last conversation was a good one and that she knew she was loved. I know from experience that this knowledge will bring you increasing comfort as the years go by. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Tamara

    And to answer your question, I only know we don’t die alone. God is there to meet us and fulfill his promise. Never again will she know loneliness or fear. That seems a wonderful thing to me.

  5. Kerry

    Thank you so much Tamara.