Small Child

I claim several as mine … But I’ve had the opportunity to name only one…

Small Child’s Father and I decided the second we found out …

Girl = My Choice

Boy=His (Mostly due to a family tradition of naming after the grandfather)

Ultra-Sound technician let us know at about 17 weeks that we were having a girl … I was a high – risk pregnancy … I was having non stress tests and Ultra – sounds weekly… Week 18 … Yep! a girl… I bought fairy wall stickers… I named her after a Russian Princess… I had the nickname all picked out… I was buying clothes like a mad woman… Cute pink clothes… Week 19…. Week 20… I couldn’t make this up you guys… honestly… “See this pearl strand is his spine… ” The cursor moving over the screen… “You mean her”… “No… you are having a boy” …. “NO… they said a girl”… cursor moves over the appropriate area “That is either the biggest Clitoris I have ever seen… or you are having a boy”…. I stared at the monitor… That was definitely a boy….

(Have I told this story before? I can not remember, and I am not going through 200 posts to see… That’s right… I hit the milestone of 200 posts… and 1 year… Woot… okay on with the story)

Tearfully returned all the pink… and the fairy… threw away the custom stitch diaper bag with the MOST BEAUTIFUL NAME in the whole wide world on it… replaced it all with tigger and pooh bear…

In the hospital .. about to deliver … Small Child’s father begins to panic… “I don’t know anyone named Keith that has ever amounted to anything” …. “You fathers name is Keith!” … “I want more for him” … and he went to every office in that facility and took a tally… the most common name for a Doctor at that time… in that place… it was a good name… and when he arrived it fit him perfectly… we signed it on his birth certificate … and I have threatened the life of anyone that tries to shorten it… those doctors plaques did not read John.

My miracle son…


Inspired by this weeks writing prompts-  Share how you came up with your kids names!

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5 comments on “Small Child

  1. Larks (@LarksNotesThis)

    Wow, that’s really interesting. I’ve never heard a naming story like this before! Thank God you guys weren’t at an anomalyous hospital where all the doctors had disturbing soap opera names!

  2. Kerry

    ha ha! Well… Small childs father is an interesting man! But I can’t imagine having called him anything else 🙂 Thanks for reading it!

  3. Tamara

    Great story. I always wanted a girl too, but God had other plans. Now that I get to be an honorary grandma I have put in my request for a girl. We will have to see if I get her this time! 🙂

  4. Annie

    I love this story and your naming method! Very scientific.

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s.

  5. Michelle

    I have name that could be shortened, but my Dad insisted that if I was going to be named Michelle, I would never be Shelly. I never was and I am very thankful for that! I like my name, in spite of how many hundreds of times people have sung that Beatles song to me!