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Rewind to my favorite Easter story….

… That damn bunny!!!

Posted on April 8, 2012 by Kerry

I remember thinking that when I had kids of my own that there were some super lame holidays I just wouldn’t get sucked into…. and before we go all righteous on the religious meaning behind them…. you’re the people telling your kids fictitious characters come into their homes in the dead of night and leave them things…

… Santa I understood… he sees you when your sleeping… he knows when your awake… all that creeper stuff…. I get it.. besides I love Christmas magic… I really do… but let’s go over a few I don’t get…. the tooth fairy…. okay seriously disturbing… and I’m not the only one who thinks so… there are horror movies about it…. and beyond that… gross… what am I supposed to do with that tooth… I remember sneaking through my mothers drawer and finding them… eek… what’s she gonna do with them.. give them to me with my baby stuff…. “Thanks a heap for the rotting hunk of bone from my prepubescent mouth Mom! ”

… and of course the Easter bunny…. anyone wanna take a stab at explaining the sense behind this tradition and not make it sound lame? … good luck…. but of course by the time I had the small child .. I was not the only person with a vested interest in his up bringing… and MIL had known my plans to deprive him of this weirdness….. and blackmailed me with threats of trying to indoctrinate him into organized religion if I didn’t participate in her favorite holiday…. so… obviously she won…. he was almost two when we introduced this holiday to him…. he loved coloring the eggs…. he could have spent hours bathing those precious little cooked eggs in colors … and he left them in the fridge in his crayon decorated and stickered carton… went to bed happily chirping about eggs and them representing spring…. and the colors were so pretty… in the morning he awoke to a chocolate laden basket… with jelly beans… and stuffed bunny larger than his tiny toddler body…. the Easter bunny had come… and he ran to check on his eggs hoping the bunny had liked them… only to find the empty Carton on the kitchen counter …. his grandma and father were poised with cameras to catch the reaction of his first egg hunt…. I wish I had caught their reactions to his…. small child’s face skewed into the angriest most disgusted expression I had ever seen… then in a low voice spit out the words…”That damn bunny took my eggs! “…. shocked to say the least someone pointed out a hidden egg to him and suggested perhaps that bunny had just hid them…..(I laughed uncontrollably through the entire charade… muttering that damn bunny everytime he looked like he may have gotten over his fury… keeping his rage harnessed) … oh he found those eggs.. proclaiming the Easter bunny the “biggest jerk ” as he found the eggs one by one… until each of his beautiful eggs were back in the carton where they belonged… and then he ate that chocolate rabbit… it was in vengeance, biting those ears off angrily… for the prank that had been played on him….that damn bunny! the following year he drew scary faces on the eggs to try to scare the bunny off…. this year he is helping me make the basket for smallest child… and he still thinks the Easter bunny sucks …. I couldn’t agree more.


… in my neck of the woods.

Spring  Sming … I’m not convinced it exists… it has been cold… and snowing still off and on … With just a dash of sunshiney days to keep us from going all “The Shining” on each other… so before I wrote a post complaining and moaning the woes of the winter that just won’t end… I jumped on my local news page to check the weather… because I am a good blogger… who takes her prompts seriously and never gets distracted off the topic… WTF is this???


Soooooo here is the discussion that spawned…

Tolman:  I’m such a grammar/spelling snob…. *Loses *losing

 me:  BAHAHA! Yes! That is sad honestly … They are supposed to be professionals

Tolman:  Good on that woman though! I should take up pole dancing!!!

me:  Uhhh Somehow… I just know that’s how I would die…. Death by Pole Dancing to lose weight… you know it is true… I would fall on my head

Tolman: HAhahaahahaa!! Oh come on!!

me:  You know its true… Broken Neck… From pole dancing

Tolman: It would make for a VERY interesting obituary!!!! Probably go viral!!!

me:  Great! I will finally be discovered when I am dead

In conclusion… This is what Spring looks like in my neck of the woods…. and I am finally going to be discovered!!!

Inspired by

mama kats


…Leprechauns… Agents of Satan

What do they have? Razor Sharp Teeth? Talons and claws! They gnashed their way out of the trap!

What do they have? Razor Sharp Teeth? Talons and claws! They gnashed their way out of the trap!

They walk up walls???

They walk up walls???

photo (38)

photo (37)Sorry! IT IS A TRAP!!!!

photo (46) photo (45) photo (40) photo (43)

And that is what we ate!!!


This blog is brought to you by the MAMA Kats writing prompts… and My weird ability to twist them into terrifying small children


mama kats


photo (42)



Papa Smurf getting down and dirty….Don’t ever say I didn’t get you wet …. And something is fishy … really!

This is not a real post… this is a Funday Friday post… Please tune in next week for your regularly scheduled nonsense

The New Pope and North Korea held most of the headlines this week… and I thought I we could all use something a little different… These are real stories people… (Linked to sources)


A participant dressed as Papa Smurf scrambles through mud in the fourth extreme BraveheartBattle run in Muennerstadt, Germany, on March 9. The 15-mile track is known as one of the toughest, most extreme obstacle courses in the world.

Personally .. I always thought Smurfette had loose morals

In other news… This happened…


This koala was sleeping in a tree when it was rudely awakened by a gardener who decided to water his trees. Matt Wilkinson said: There was a heatwave in Adelaide recently and temperatures reached up to 40C. We use the sprinklers and garden hose to wet the house and surrounding trees when it’s hot to avoid a bush fire but when I watered one of the trees, this koala got a bit of a soaking. It was a boiling hot day so i’m sure it helped the koala cool down.

That Koala is clearly not pleased … Neeeyaaahhh!

I’m thinking these fish are having a way worse day than the Koala…


More than 2500kg of fresh water fish were scattered on a section of road in southern China’s Hunan Province following an accident. The driver of the truck transporting the fish lost control of his vehicle when one of his tires blew. He crashed into the safety barrier at the side of the road, which caused the hinged side of his truck to spring open and spill his entire load of fish.

Gramma always said… don’t cry over spilled milk… but this?