The magic that the smallest amount of sunshine can work!

Don’t believe in Magic? Not a huge carrier of faith in Miracles?? Have you met SUNSHINE!!! I cannot believe what a difference in the world a little bit of sunshine after all this … well… winter… we have had… The bronchitis… the strep… the injuries from snow removal… the arthritis… the flu… the flu again… some more vomit tossed in just for shits and giggles…. and then… wait for it… hold out some hope…here comes the miracle… here comes the magic!


It is out the window RIGHT NOW!

and my shoulders feel like whatever has been lurking there… all dark and heavy… might be melting away a little bit as the snow does…

So in-case it is not shining where you are today! here is some! Do not give up 🙂


Not my sun … but well… WOW! right?


2 comments on “The magic that the smallest amount of sunshine can work!

  1. Don Babb

    Kerry (is that right?),
    I really like the photo of the sun that you posted here March 4, 2013. Do you have any idea who owns the copyright to this? Or is it in the Public Domain? I like it, and would like to use it in a book I am writing. So I would need permission to use it. Or do you own it and are you possible to give such permission?
    Please reply, thanks.

    1. Kerry

      I do not own it… It is beautiful though… I found it in google images.. There are no watermarks or copyrights on it anywhere… I figured whomever owned it wouldn’t mind me using it on my small blog… But I do believe it is just public domain.