My Middle Name…. The bane of my existence

mama kats

Middle names in my family mean a lot… in fact every male of the clan had the same initials… You would think we were past such archaic traditions… but then again there is a pope seeking conclave going on in which they had to scramble cell phone signal… so I suppose some things just live on…. D.R.E … it was some sort of  privilege … there are colleges named after them… Arts foundations… Hospital wings… Around here it is a pretty famous name… none of that fame… or money came down to my little branch of the family… but that didn’t insult my fathers pride enough to kibosh the practice… my brother was named accordingly… and as for us three girls in the family? … well we got nothing… literally… It is tradition in the family to not give the girls a middle name so that when they got married they would keep the name as a middle name after taking on their husbands name… because it was just a bunch of bullshit really… all the way through school people assumed my middle name must be so horrible because I would always tell them I just didn’t have one… unheard of to them apparently… middle names are supposed to be embarrassing and used when you are in trouble… as I do with my smalls… maybe that is where my obsession with naming people as I see fit came in…Mr Amazing is The BFG anywhere other than my blog…  Chris is Tolman… Kathy became Bacteria… Dawn Marie is only known as chilidawg in my house… Christian is well… just MyChristian…. Stef is Fluff… the list continues… there are my patented nicknames… these apply to anyone based on my mood… BratFace… Turkey Lips…. Crazy Pants….because… really… Whats in a name?



8 comments on “My Middle Name…. The bane of my existence

  1. Tolman

    We must also add Bastage Pie & Punk-Ass Bitch… MyBFF from SippyCupCorner!! And I don’t have a middle name either. One friend had tried to guess over and over what it is, as if not having one will throw the entire universe upside down. I finally agreed to one just to put her mind at ease… only to be asked what the B stood for in my dad’s middle name. (CRAP! It’s just a B!!) Bob. It’s Bob.

  2. Kerry


  3. Raine

    Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a middle name… Wait! You can have mine! It’s Michelle. Take good care of it 🙂

    1. Kerry

      Ooooohhh I Like it!

  4. Tamara

    I sort of like the idea of leaving the space for your maiden name to become your middle name. Then again, you could have just added it like I did. I wish I had dropped my middle name, but who wants to deal with all the legalities involved!

    My kids each have 2 middle names, in the French tradition. I wonder how that will impact them!

    1. Kerry

      I probably would’ve added it as well… LOL c’est la vie

  5. May

    Having a middle name at all is sort of an odd tradition. What purpose does it serve other than when you were a kid and your mom got mad at you. It was that built in gauge to how angry she had grown. Listen when she calls until you hear all three of your names and then figure you have pushed it as far as you dare!

    1. Kerry

      Now you are just trying to make me feel better… I always wanted to be a Kerry Marie… or Kerry Sue…. You would sound pretty silly trying to sound angry saying that name.