… in my neck of the woods.

Spring  Sming … I’m not convinced it exists… it has been cold… and snowing still off and on … With just a dash of sunshiney days to keep us from going all “The Shining” on each other… so before I wrote a post complaining and moaning the woes of the winter that just won’t end… I jumped on my local news page to check the weather… because I am a good blogger… who takes her prompts seriously and never gets distracted off the topic… WTF is this???


Soooooo here is the discussion that spawned…

Tolman:  I’m such a grammar/spelling snob…. *Loses *losing

 me:  BAHAHA! Yes! That is sad honestly … They are supposed to be professionals

Tolman:  Good on that woman though! I should take up pole dancing!!!

me:  Uhhh Somehow… I just know that’s how I would die…. Death by Pole Dancing to lose weight… you know it is true… I would fall on my head

Tolman: HAhahaahahaa!! Oh come on!!

me:  You know its true… Broken Neck… From pole dancing

Tolman: It would make for a VERY interesting obituary!!!! Probably go viral!!!

me:  Great! I will finally be discovered when I am dead

In conclusion… This is what Spring looks like in my neck of the woods…. and I am finally going to be discovered!!!

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4 comments on “… in my neck of the woods.

  1. Wendy

    Bwahahaha, oh that would be me too! Although I wouldn’t be lucky enough to kill myself I would get somehow wrapped around the pole and not be able to undo myself. In which case it would take approximatly 5 cute fire fighters and 3 hot EMTS to cut the pole down and manually slide me off one of the sides. Hey at least the view would be good!

    1. Kerry

      Oooohhh I like the way you think!

  2. Denise

    I’m shocked they had a pole sturdy enough for a 300 pound gal to wrap herself around.

    1. Kerry

      Its not the pole that shocked me… it was the spelling of adult journalists. LOL