Sorry excuse for a post… really

All I seem to do lately is apologize…

I have been irritable… moody… discontent.

I have a horrible habit of misdirecting angry outbursts at inappropriate times and places.

I am tired… exhausted to the bone… the kind of tired that sleep doesn’t fix.

I have felt trapped by obligations…

I have fallen into this spiraling victim mode… where everything is out to get me.

I have felt gross… do you know that feeling… when just everything about yourself feels gross? <shrugs> maybe that only happens to me.

I have been lashing out at my lot in life… the life that I have striven for… dreamed of… worked so hard to get.

I cannot ever seem to get ahead.

In short… I am burned out.

I’m sorry… Because in reality… I know I am so blessed… and have the greatest friends in the entire world… who have been there for me… always… I know I am loved… So much is going on in the world… and I cannot seem to see past the trees to the forest… I know this will pass…

This post… which is the most I am capable of recently… is inspired by the writing prompt “Tell us about a time you had to apologize”

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2 comments on “Sorry excuse for a post… really

  1. tammigirl

    Oh my gosh! I was just at my doctor today and she told me I need to stop apologizing for who I am. And I wrote a rather out-of character (for me) blog post about it.

    I wish I could help you better than this, but I can tell you that you are not alone. I have irritability issues and it makes me feel terribly guilty.

    1. Kerry

      Hey… Thanks!!! Sometimes I just need to hear that to feel a little less crazy.