Mantra to overcome depression…

Vitamin D. Sunlight. Go

outside. Get a good nightof sleep. Not too good.

Not shades drawn forever
good. Not like you used to.

Open the windows.

Buy more houseplants.
Breathe. Meditate. (One day,

you will no longer be

afraid of being alone
with your thoughts.)

Exercise. Actually exercise

instead of just googling it.
Eat well. Cook for yourself.

Organize your closet, the

garage. Drink plenty of water
and repeat after me:

I am not a problem

to be solved. Repeat after me:
I am worthy I am worthy I am

neither the mistake nor

the punishment. Forget to take
vitamins. Let the houseplant die.

Eat spoonfuls of peanut butter.

Shave your head. Forget
this poem. It doesn’t matter—

there is no wrong way

to remember the grace of your
own body; no choice

that can unmake itself.

There is only now, here,
look: you are already


– Sierra DeMulder


4 comments on “Mantra to overcome depression…

  1. Tamara

    oh, I needed this. Thank you.

    1. Kerry

      I’m so glad Tamara… None of us are alone in this.

  2. Mindy

    It’s not working this time… I’m trying to have faith that it will, but I’m darker than I’ve been in a very long time.

    1. Kerry

      It was a dark long winter… We just like the earth will take a bit longer to come back…. But we will come back.