… Music is what feelings sound like

This Week’s Writing Prompt- 

Your top 10 favorite YouTube channels.

mama kats

What a clever question… This weeks prompt makes me feel more exposed personally than other things I write about… If you want to truly know someone… ask them their favorite YouTube channels…I know it asked for 10… But honestly I don’t stray too much from these… yes they are all music… of course they are… Music is what feelings sound like.

Apparently my musical selection is much like my emotional range.

Pink! – My latest favorite is Just Give me a Reason

This is my house cleaning tunes 🙂 Eminem

My Daughter from another Mother – Really 🙂 The Red Headed Singer

Reality Changers – Cutest most talented family 🙂

The Piano Guys!

David LanzCristofori’s Dream is magical

Tori Amos – The Covers




2 comments on “… Music is what feelings sound like

  1. Mommy Lisa

    THANKS for the Reality Changers! Awesome.

    1. Kerry

      I have followed them forever! It is impossible to be in a bad mood and listen to them… impossible.