Internet… Meet my paint room

mama kats“Give us a tour of a room in your house you love”

The floor is covered with paint supplies and pillows

The floor is covered with paint supplies and pillows

Unfinished projects and blank canvas lean against the wall

My Treasure boxes are in here

My boo boxes are stored in here

Often bursting at the seams with candles and inscence and writings

Often bursting at the seams with candles and incense and writings


Finished projects hung on the wall (Can you see my angels in there?)


These are textured paintings with granite and clear acrylic… it is hard to see in the picture I suppose… they are made to be touched.

photo_3 photo_4

With my dog in the doorway and my cat at my side (only because that’s where the pillows are!)

I try some new ideas.. combining my writing with my paints…. very rough start


This one is working a bit better

I spend the least amount of time in this room … yet it is my favorite… more time is spent in the kitchen… the smalls rooms … tucked safely in a warm comforter with a book on my bed …  but it is my secret escape… my guilty pleasure… and when I do finally get the chance to be in there… it is savored that much more.

5 comments on “Internet… Meet my paint room

  1. Dyanne @ I Want Backsies

    How cool to be artistic! I am, sadly, not so much. I really like the way the animals are lurking nearby.

  2. Mama Melch

    I DREAM of a knitting room of my own. Someday someday…a room of one’s own.

  3. madamdreamweaver

    Cool share. I understand the sacred hobby room.

  4. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    I can draw stick people. I do not think a room is needed for that skill! 🙂 Love the idea of a secret, private room.

  5. Alishia

    I love the idea of a whole room, I have a corner for my crafting. I understand why it is your favorite room!!