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Theme Song Thursday… This one could be your lifer

Love this one! We were discussing ringtones… and how we choose specifics ones for specific people… and laughing about the ones we set for certains… then she tells me… This is my ringtone… yeah… you need this, this week. #soulsister So do I



World War Z – A mom’s review

First thing worth mentioning- Pitt always looks as if he not only needs a bath, as well as a haircut and shave… And yet, still totally hot.

Opening scene shows us Lane interacting endearingly with his adorable family: wife Karin and two daughters, one with a stuffed animal and one with asthma. We have just enough time to fall in love with them on what seems like an ordinary day.. They really are an adorable family… The mother really is the hero of this story in my book, and all hell breaks loose while they are driving to work and school. At first, all is confusion and chaos, and then the zombies arrive. They are fast and aggressive and it takes just 12 seconds after a person is attacked for them to become fast and aggressive zombies themselves. Zombies are, as we have come to know from many other movies, extremely focused and therefore extremely effective. They have just one purpose: to create more zombies. They will do whatever it takes to whomever it takes. And the humans who must try to survive will be faced with terrible choices.

PG-13 Rating

Parents should know that this film has graphic and disturbing images, extended very intense sequences of peril with many characters injured and killed, scary and disgusting zombies, emergency amputation, guns, explosions, and chases.

I took my 13 year old (Weeks away from 14) to see this and I offered several times to walk out of the theater with him if it were too much… He declined through out the movie… even though he jumped in his seat multiple times (He has never seen anything that is not age appropriate to him, I have managed to keep him from any R rated films thus far) The movie keeps things taut and involving, holding back information to keep us just a little strung out and then allowing us some release at just the right moment. The zombies are fast and relentless. Even at a PG-13 level, with muted gore, they are very disturbing. One just clicks his teeth with what could hardly be described as a knowing look — maybe just focused — and it is really creepy. From the heartbeat sound behind the opening logo to the seemingly innocent moments that turn ominous, the pacing is tight and absorbing and the the characters and the puzzle weighty. But it is Pitt who makes it all work. He is so good at everything that we almost wonder why he needs a plane — surely he can just fly to the next city on his own — but his un-angsty goodness and sheer star power is itself the most powerful reminder of why it is that we want the humans to win.

It described Mother nature as the most clever serial killer, I loved this view point and think that it makes some great discussions for classic philosophy, Good Vs. Evil, Survival of the fittest, ect.

We were all a little bit jumpy afterwards- The amazing super moon hovering over us on the drive home with cloud wisps across it, as if it were a drawing from a horror novel didn’t help much.

I highly recommend it, It is a good teen flick (perhaps a bit older teens, as my own slept with his laser gun last night)


Our Exotic Island… and the Antelope

mama kats“Take us somewhere local spot in your city and show us what we’re missing…you’ll be saving us thousands of dollars now that we won’t need to take that trip!”

Grab a cup of coffee … Buckle up… Play your favorite CD .. and drive… about 45 miles from my home is an island… Not the tropical banana tree coconut cocktail lounge chair on the beach kind I crave… But an island none the less… it is a beautiful drive… with a road built right out over the water to drive out to it… the smalls love to “drive on water” and really this little island has its own magical properties… even if lacking all the other magic.

There he is... The antelope the island is named after... Just kidding.. there are huge herds of them

There he is… The antelope the island is named after… Just kidding.. there are huge herds of them


These are much more common to site than the antelope… infact they are EVERYWHERE… their youngin’s are adorable and playful together though


Surrounded by the great salt lake (which smells like ass most of the time) the scenery is stunning


There are fun visitor centers and gift shops located on the island, as well as a few places to eat lunch… but I recommend packing a picnic.


There is also the ranch, which is so much fun for the smalls.. There are entertaining activities and things to see.

Just until the day I can afford the other kind of island 🙂

Depression is my bitch.

… I have been plugging along for weeks… Normal stresses… End of the school year projects… concerts… quick trip to the lake… work… laundry… work… dishes… work… lessons… work… sweeping up the pile of dog hair from the floors that resembles a chinchilla… sleep overs… fathers day preparation… working extra hours over the weekend… and it hits… with no warning from one day to the next… I was a functioning member of society yesterday… juggling all of the above … with a smile… today I woke up… wanting to run away… move where no one knows me… and just start over completely… my head hurts… my eyes hurt… my body hurts…. I tear up almost every time some makes eye contact… or uses a tone of voice that my emotional state doesn’t deem as an  appropriate reaction… I couldn’t sleep… I held my body so tensely that soon my toes began cramping… then my feet… muscles across the top and bottoms twist in painful contortion like spasms… moving up to my calves until I spent most of the night at the foot of the bed stretching them… and trying to work the knots out…. I want to sleep… I want to crawl in bed and stare at the white wall until I am completely disconnected from my body and mind… zoned out beyond reach… I want a break … I am breaking… just twelve hours later… twelve hours since yesterday when I was laughing and greeting people with confidence…. There isn’t enough caffeine in the world to make me feel like I have the energy to make it through this day… it feels that way… but somehow I just keep making the motions…tumblr_matiqukbcp1qc2u00o1_500

The Lake – Edgar Allan Poe

Unplugged all weekend

Unplugged all weekend

In youth’s spring, it was my lot
To haunt of the wide earth a spot
The which I could not love the less;
So lovely was the loneliness
Of a wild lake, with black rock bound.
And the tall pines that tower’d around.
But when the night had thrown her pall
Upon that spot — as upon all,
And the wind would pass me by
In its stilly melody,
My infant spirit would awake
To the terror of the lone lake.
Yet that terror was not fright —
But a tremulous delight,
And a feeling undefin’d,
Springing from a darken’d mind.
Death was in that poison’d wave
And in its gulf a fitting grave
For him who thence could solace bring
To his dark imagining;
Whose wild’ring thought could even make
An Eden of that dim lake.
Edgar Allan Poe

6 Random Things you didn’t know about us… and probably wish you still didn’t

mama kats This Weeks Prompt: List 6 random facts about you and your husband.

Meet Mr. Amazing

Meet Mr. Amazing

#1 – If I disappear after this post… call the police … because he will kill me for posting this picture. Bahahahaha!!!

This is the man I married – Most people never actually meet him. He rarely makes public appearances and is usually replaced by his stunt double the ultra serious star trek loving over protective father and  ever so helpful husband… But this is who I spend the most time with.

Fair play is my middle name- here is a super embarrassing picture in trade

Fair play is my middle name- here is a super embarrassing picture in trade

#2 People often wonder why he puts up with my antics… But we like to call him the instigator… He took this picture… Yes, that is me, with my Edward doll under the mistletoe …

We saw the 2nd-4th twilight movies together… We hate them… but when with each other will laugh ourselves into some sore stomach muscles. Movies are our favorite thing to do together.

#3 He told me he loved me first… he did!

I totally tricked him into it. He fell for the whole “I think I am starting to fall in love with you” line and said the words to me… I made him say it again and again the next day …

I tricked him into asking me to marry him much the same way.

#4 We met each others children before we actually met each other – Now this is disputable only by the fact that my son was with me when they met.

I sat by the side of the pool with his ex-wife while he swam with the smalls. We didn’t exchange words.

#5 We were introduced to each other by his ex-wife …

Totally happened… Bahahahaha!

#6 We did everything very unconventionally from the beginning, we broke every rule…

we don’t have a song – We have countlesss nights staying up all night listening to music…

We don’t have a “place”…  we have all of the places… From the picnic table at the park… to every Indian restaurant in any city we have been too… every coffee shop… everywhere.

We didn’t have a wedding… in fact we didn’t know where to even have our little ceremony until two days prior … we wore jeans in a little art gallery on main street with our smalls and talls.. and few others…

I pretend to hate everything he loves … just to see him squinch his face up in frustration…

I pinch him … He tickles me… Sometimes I bite… He yells like a girl.

He pretends to love everything I love … Because when he loves … he does it so completely … that he will love what one loves …

We don’t so much argue and fight… as get insecure and get skittish around each other…

We know each other… better than we know ourselves…

We are ridiculously stubborn …

I would like to think we strive towards making each other better people… I know I am better just for having known him.

We belong together…

Like this

Like this