6 Random Things you didn’t know about us… and probably wish you still didn’t

mama kats This Weeks Prompt: List 6 random facts about you and your husband.

Meet Mr. Amazing

Meet Mr. Amazing

#1 – If I disappear after this post… call the police … because he will kill me for posting this picture. Bahahahaha!!!

This is the man I married – Most people never actually meet him. He rarely makes public appearances and is usually replaced by his stunt double the ultra serious star trek loving over protective father and  ever so helpful husband… But this is who I spend the most time with.

Fair play is my middle name- here is a super embarrassing picture in trade

Fair play is my middle name- here is a super embarrassing picture in trade

#2 People often wonder why he puts up with my antics… But we like to call him the instigator… He took this picture… Yes, that is me, with my Edward doll under the mistletoe …

We saw the 2nd-4th twilight movies together… We hate them… but when with each other will laugh ourselves into some sore stomach muscles. Movies are our favorite thing to do together.

#3 He told me he loved me first… he did!

I totally tricked him into it. He fell for the whole “I think I am starting to fall in love with you” line and said the words to me… I made him say it again and again the next day …

I tricked him into asking me to marry him much the same way.

#4 We met each others children before we actually met each other – Now this is disputable only by the fact that my son was with me when they met.

I sat by the side of the pool with his ex-wife while he swam with the smalls. We didn’t exchange words.

#5 We were introduced to each other by his ex-wife …

Totally happened… Bahahahaha!

#6 We did everything very unconventionally from the beginning, we broke every rule…

we don’t have a song – We have countlesss nights staying up all night listening to music…

We don’t have a “place”…  we have all of the places… From the picnic table at the park… to every Indian restaurant in any city we have been too… every coffee shop… everywhere.

We didn’t have a wedding… in fact we didn’t know where to even have our little ceremony until two days prior … we wore jeans in a little art gallery on main street with our smalls and talls.. and few others…

I pretend to hate everything he loves … just to see him squinch his face up in frustration…

I pinch him … He tickles me… Sometimes I bite… He yells like a girl.

He pretends to love everything I love … Because when he loves … he does it so completely … that he will love what one loves …

We don’t so much argue and fight… as get insecure and get skittish around each other…

We know each other… better than we know ourselves…

We are ridiculously stubborn …

I would like to think we strive towards making each other better people… I know I am better just for having known him.

We belong together…

Like this

Like this

6 comments on “6 Random Things you didn’t know about us… and probably wish you still didn’t

  1. Tolman

    I thought I knew everything about you, but don’t think I knew about the Twilight thing and REALLY, not probably, wish I still didn’t….

    1. Kerry


  2. Tamara

    Adorable!! Just adorable. You are very blessed. 🙂

    1. Kerry

      Thanks sweet lady!

    1. Kerry

      I will totally have to blog that story sometime- As you can imagine- she wasnt very happy with us 🙂