World War Z – A mom’s review

First thing worth mentioning- Pitt always looks as if he not only needs a bath, as well as a haircut and shave… And yet, still totally hot.

Opening scene shows us Lane interacting endearingly with his adorable family: wife Karin and two daughters, one with a stuffed animal and one with asthma. We have just enough time to fall in love with them on what seems like an ordinary day.. They really are an adorable family… The mother really is the hero of this story in my book, and all hell breaks loose while they are driving to work and school. At first, all is confusion and chaos, and then the zombies arrive. They are fast and aggressive and it takes just 12 seconds after a person is attacked for them to become fast and aggressive zombies themselves. Zombies are, as we have come to know from many other movies, extremely focused and therefore extremely effective. They have just one purpose: to create more zombies. They will do whatever it takes to whomever it takes. And the humans who must try to survive will be faced with terrible choices.

PG-13 Rating

Parents should know that this film has graphic and disturbing images, extended very intense sequences of peril with many characters injured and killed, scary and disgusting zombies, emergency amputation, guns, explosions, and chases.

I took my 13 year old (Weeks away from 14) to see this and I offered several times to walk out of the theater with him if it were too much… He declined through out the movie… even though he jumped in his seat multiple times (He has never seen anything that is not age appropriate to him, I have managed to keep him from any R rated films thus far) The movie keeps things taut and involving, holding back information to keep us just a little strung out and then allowing us some release at just the right moment. The zombies are fast and relentless. Even at a PG-13 level, with muted gore, they are very disturbing. One just clicks his teeth with what could hardly be described as a knowing look — maybe just focused — and it is really creepy. From the heartbeat sound behind the opening logo to the seemingly innocent moments that turn ominous, the pacing is tight and absorbing and the the characters and the puzzle weighty. But it is Pitt who makes it all work. He is so good at everything that we almost wonder why he needs a plane — surely he can just fly to the next city on his own — but his un-angsty goodness and sheer star power is itself the most powerful reminder of why it is that we want the humans to win.

It described Mother nature as the most clever serial killer, I loved this view point and think that it makes some great discussions for classic philosophy, Good Vs. Evil, Survival of the fittest, ect.

We were all a little bit jumpy afterwards- The amazing super moon hovering over us on the drive home with cloud wisps across it, as if it were a drawing from a horror novel didn’t help much.

I highly recommend it, It is a good teen flick (perhaps a bit older teens, as my own slept with his laser gun last night)


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  1. Brandi

    Oh my! I don’t think I could see this movie. lol I would probably have to sleep with every light in the house on. For at least a week. It sounds like something my hubby would like though!