Articles for the Month of July 2013

Nectar of the Gods… Wordless Wednesday

They should pay me for this shit…. instead… they treat me like any other Jamba Juice crack addict… and sell me another one… this was dinner last night ūüôā


But the best thing this is… ha ha… your looking at it…Who would have thought someone would look at my jamba juice… and Yes, thats my kitchen counter…. it is as fabulous as it looks ūüôā


Cause baby… you’re a firework


In our state the 24th of July is celebrated at the same intensity as the 4th of July… While I don’t really care so much about this local holiday…. Fireworks!!!


Coffee…. Coffee Coffee…. Coffee Coffee Coffee

mama kats¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† “Write a post inspired by the word: Coffee”

The biggest compliment in my world that I can give is “I love you more than coffee” … Because to know me… is to know my obsession with coffee…. I love iced in the summer… hot in the winter and fall… Vanilla flavoring… Hazelnut…. dark roast… free trade …. organic… oh my god… I totally typed orgasmic instead of organic right there…. it might be a little too close to the truth for my comfort…. Mmmmm Coffee

I drink it downtown… mom and pop shops… even the evil Starbucks… I buy my beans from a local roaster… I grind them at home… All good things come with coffee: ¬†Sunday Mornings are my favorite… Sunday Morning on CBS… coffee in my over-sized Winnie the pooh cup… Wednesday Night Lessons… dropping small child off at piano and driving through with Mr. Amazing for something warm and caffeinated (He is a chai guy) … I remember getting through many college years solely on coffee…. Even Folgers coffee… from my friends pot… with coffee mate creamer… and fake sugar is like a comforting hug from the safest place on earth….

Coffee scented candles, Chocolate covered coffee beans, coffee flavored toffee…. I love it!


You think I am a little crazy… admit it… obsessed even… but I totally didn’t write this poem about coffee…


An Ode To Coffee

By Ray DavidsonSleep is for the weak, someone I know once said,
I want to feel alive and not just temporarily dead,Tis’ better to be conscious, than to sleep away our life,
Besides it gives us more time to deal with all our strife.Oh the nay sayers will say, you are crazy to be like that,
Who wants to give up that bed to put on their coat and hat?To go off to work and play and start another grueling day,
Mister you are really crazy, to be thinking like that way.But I have a secret weapon to fight away those dreams,
These things can pack a whallop, these special little beans.

They give me rise to chaos and funny nonsense like this,
To write such goofy things and make me feel this bliss,

That I get from drinking coffee, it has me to spread it’s voice,
Coffee, the breakfast of champions, caffeine the drug of choice.

So sleep away your cares, you’re all a bunch of lazies!
I’ve got to go work and deal with all those bunch of crazies.

So goodbye to you in slumber when everyone is at that brink.
There’ll be no sleep for this guy, well, maybe just a wink.

Giant Gummy Say What??


Mr Amazing:



Mr Amazing:¬†This just doesn’t look right –¬†looks like you could buy it at one of those “slumber parties”




Me: UMM OMG OMG!!! You bought me that giant gummy coke right? RIGHT?

Mr Amazing: Nope, did you read my comment on the gummy worm?

Me:¬†I read it… But I got sidetracked by the thought of that¬†coke¬†bottle!

Mr Amazing:



Me: Would you focus! GIANT GUMMY COKE BOTTLE!

((Gross on the giant gummy worm btw.))

And then he was 14…


You are horrified… no doubt… that I am writing about you on your birthday.

Perhaps if I were a better mother… I’d save this letter… give it to you privately. But I’m your mother… some days better than other days… and today… while you sleep I wrap your gifts … ¬†minecraft … spiderman… you really are still you…

Did you know that when you were two years old… you clapped liked a crazy man on my birthday? Every candle I blew out… every gift I opened… you clapped and clapped in excitement… ¬†I don’t remember what the cake looked like… I don’t remember what gifts I received… I just remember your smiling face, your happy eyes, your blonde hair… I’ve hated every birthday of mine… but that one… My gosh, I loved you then.

When you were ten… we had a fight over schoolwork … frustrated… I went to my room and closed my door and screamed at you that I wanted to be alone… And I laid on my bed… trying to figure out how to mother a growing boy with a distinct personality of his own… how to make everything all right… And when you walked into my room, I asked you what you were doing… and I wasn’t kind… And I said, “I don’t know what to do about this.” And you said, “Maybe we could forgive each other.” And that remains the most humbling moment of my life… My gosh, I loved you then.

In your 13th year you buried your father… You played your recital piece for his funeral… for him… ¬†And I knew that I would never have been brave enough to do that … My gosh, I loved you then.

¬†You made me a mom… And you made being a mom easy.

You… quiet… learning how to be a man while still being a boy… ¬†Sometimes needing me and sometimes not.

And now at 10:09 am… you will be 14… And we’re going to figure this out, you and me… You’re going to figure out how to grow up… And I’m going to figure out how to parent you as you do… we will mess up… I will make mistakes… so will you… I’m going to try to hug you in public… your going to make inappropriate jokes… we are going to forgive each other… we are going to survives this… because… My gosh, I love you in this moment.

Happy Birthday Angel Boy.



And then she was 7


Dear Pretty Facey,

I¬†cannot believe you are 7 years old today… The time certainly has
flown by… It hasn’t been very long that you’ve been in my life…
but I cannot remember (and do not want to) what life was like
without you… You are one of the best things that has ever happened
to me. And even when you drive me bonkers (something you love to do
because, let‚Äôs face it, you‚Äôre 7)… I still look at you and thank
the gods for giving me such a wonderful gift. My life changed in
the best way possible by making that commitment to spend my life
with YOU and your dad… You’ve kept me on my toes ever since… I
feel so privileged to be given a front row seat in watching you
grow up… Getting to play a supporting role in your life… Being
a step mom is something I didn’t know how to do… you taught me. I
enjoy our evening reading times… I love being the recipient of
all your beloved art (though I may eventually have to rent a
storage space just to have enough room for all the drawings!).
During these our years together I’ve watched you develop your
strong loudly spoken personality… and I‚Äôm proud of the girl
you’ve become. You are kind when you want to be… talkative
always… generous… compassionate… so full of love… energetic
without fail…. intelligent and a truly beautiful person inside
and out. You tell me often that you love me . Well, my darling step
daughter, I love you so much more than I counted on… You truly
are a blessing from above…. I am proud to be your friend. Happy
birthday, Sweetheart.

ThemeSong Thursday…. Be okay today

A moment of clarity… in the middle of the busiest week of the summer… in the middle of everyone’s birthdays… in the midst of work… the flu… colds… eye infections.. pneumonia… ear infections… and the bloody noses that have taken up residence in our home… Today it came… a moment of clarity… and here is the themesong of the day… and I know that maybe I will be okay…