And then she was 7


Dear Pretty Facey,

I cannot believe you are 7 years old today… The time certainly has
flown by… It hasn’t been very long that you’ve been in my life…
but I cannot remember (and do not want to) what life was like
without you… You are one of the best things that has ever happened
to me. And even when you drive me bonkers (something you love to do
because, let’s face it, you’re 7)… I still look at you and thank
the gods for giving me such a wonderful gift. My life changed in
the best way possible by making that commitment to spend my life
with YOU and your dad… You’ve kept me on my toes ever since… I
feel so privileged to be given a front row seat in watching you
grow up… Getting to play a supporting role in your life… Being
a step mom is something I didn’t know how to do… you taught me. I
enjoy our evening reading times… I love being the recipient of
all your beloved art (though I may eventually have to rent a
storage space just to have enough room for all the drawings!).
During these our years together I’ve watched you develop your
strong loudly spoken personality… and I’m proud of the girl
you’ve become. You are kind when you want to be… talkative
always… generous… compassionate… so full of love… energetic
without fail…. intelligent and a truly beautiful person inside
and out. You tell me often that you love me . Well, my darling step
daughter, I love you so much more than I counted on… You truly
are a blessing from above…. I am proud to be your friend. Happy
birthday, Sweetheart.

2 comments on “And then she was 7

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    And again! My little girl just turned five. Aren’t they precious? And that’s a word I never thought I’d use.

    1. Kerry

      I love the chance to get to know her from the sidelines…. she is so contrary. .. and so sweet all at once lol