Meet the tallest :)

I don’t write often about Tallest Child… Because she is all growed up… and out on her own with the tiniest of all child… cooking another one in her belly!

But this weeks writing prompt only could be dedicated to her… because well… ha! she was freaking stuck!!

mama kats

 “A time somebody got stuck”


This is my baby girl… My daughter… and if you have been reading for a while her stories are intertwined with mine through out… I write about her on Mothers Day cause I’m her mama dammit! I shared my angels girls story of her angel… (with her permission) … because I was so proud of her… She brings me joy … She is part of every humorous story I share about small child growing up in fact… she was a key part to smiffbib even being created… I’m sure there are a million more tall child stories on here… but I’ve linked in a lot if you want some history on this beautiful woman pictured above… My god I love her… and how we show our love? By embarrassing the shit out of her!

“A time somebody got stuck”

She was standing on the stairs that went upstairs, I was standing in the kitchen below her in a Romeo and Juliet almost moment… I say almost because we aren’t Romeo and Juliet… and then… without really understanding why… she decided to shove her knee into the metal bars of the banister… you know… to see if it fit…. She stood there nonchalantly for a moment… trying to slide it back out… but after a few minutes began to panic… We (The smalls father and I) took a few minutes to laugh hysterically… trying to push her … and pull her knee… before I began to panic!… I start thinking the fire department is going to have to come and cut her out of this thing… when the father type figure had a genius idea…. Butter! you should use butter to get out of these kinds of things… and I run to the fridge…. no butter…. BUT! we own butter flavored Pam… which is really the same thing… sprayed her knee… and rescued her from its clutches…Never to be lived down again…

heatherandbabyPsst… Tallest Child… you know about the mothers curse right?.. those Tinys are gonna make for some great stories!!!

9 comments on “Meet the tallest :)

  1. Tamara T.

    She is beautiful! And what a funny story! Pam saves the day! 🙂

    1. Kerry

      Ha ha! Tamara, I smile everytime I see a comment from you, it makes my day!

  2. Melanie @ M&M

    Excellent! The worst moments often lead to hysterical laughter. Glad you thought of “Pam”. Your daughter and her little are beautiful, btw.

    visiting from The Writer’s Workshop

    1. Kerry

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!!

  3. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    These are definitely the moments that make for hysterical stories later. Your daughter and her baby are beautiful. I love how you just love the heck out of her all over the place – I feel that I have a companion out there and I’m not the only little girl’s mom who can’t stop thinking my kid is awesome. 🙂 Oh, and tell her I can vouch for the Mother’s Curse – it’s all true. My own Mom just laughs and laughs…

    1. Kerry

      I love the heck out of this comment!!! LOL! Because it is so true!!!

  4. May

    Your solution seems a whole lot more convenient than butter would have been too! Better patent that one!

    1. Kerry

      Agreed… Ive used it since for getting rings off of swollen fingers… and bracelets off that shouldnt have made it on in the first place 🙂

  5. Kat

    She’s beautiful! And you’re right, she’s definitely going to need to remember to keep the butter handy for her own kids. So funny!