Right here… still… waiting for you :)

mama kats                        The first concert you ever attended.


I think I was about 15 years old… those years are fuzzy… and I am old… I was sitting on a grassy hill… under the stars in beautiful Park City, Utah… wondering if people around me were smoking pot or dancing in a mosh pit somewhere like I had heard about… But somehow I just don’t think that was happening here…

People swayed … Girls cried…. I’m sure more than one mullet got laid that night.

We ate at McDonalds on the way home… living the dream people… living the dream…

I think tar and feathers are an appropriate punishment.

I accept this.

3 comments on “Right here… still… waiting for you :)

  1. Dyanne @ I Want Backsies

    I saw Richard Marx in around 1987. I don’t remember a lot of pot being smoked at that concert, but I went to plenty of other ones that did (or so I’m told – what would little ol’ ME know ’bout that?).

  2. Kat

    Love that song! No moshing, no drugs…sounds like the perfect first concert. 🙂