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Shoe Tree… Park City, Utah


Stumbled across this tree this past weekend… Fascinated we spun around and drove past again so I could get a picture! I LOVE THIS! Just for the sheer craziness of it!

Decided to Google it to get the story behind it and found myself quite touched with what I found

“A Shoe Tree has existed in the location for decades, people who have lived in Park City for that long say. There are various legends about who started throwing shoes into the branches. Several people who moved to Park City in the mid-1970s say the Show Tree predates their arrival in the city.

One of the prevailing legends holds that the Shoe Tree resulted from some sort of drunken fisticuffs. Someone might have thrown another person’s shoes into the tree, causing a fight, goes one legend. The shoes were thrown into the tree after the fight, another variation holds.

Another story that has been told involves a 1970s veteran of the Vietnam War who, having returned to the U.S., threw his shoes into the tree in celebration of being back in his home country.

Jeffery Novelle, who has lived in Park City since 1964 and now lives in Old Town, says he is well aware of beginnings of the Shoe Tree. Novelle was the first person to put shoes into the tree, he says.

Novelle recalls it being either 1969 or 1970 and his brother, a Vietnam War veteran by that time, was in town. He and his brother were walking up a tiny dirt road called Easy Street that ran through the area at the time. His brother was wincing from the pain of blisters on his heels, Novelle says, recalling that he suggested his brother take off the combat boots that were bothering him and put his feet into the nearby creek for relief.

The brother removed the boots. Novelle took them, tied them together and hurled them into a tree. They left them there. Within 1 1/2 years, people threw tennis shoes, ski boots, sandals and moccasins onto the branches, Novelle says. His brother’s combat boots remained hanging in the Shoe Tree for at least four or five years, he says.

“I thought the city would come and say this isn’t right, you’ve got to take them down,” Novelle says. “I’m surprised it’s still there.””


Its the finer things…. really.


me:  I should grocery shop tonight…I so way don’t even want to!

Mr. Amazing:  I am really sorry (it’s what I say now right?)

me:   it’s cool… It just means you are getting fried chicken and potato logs for dinner

Mr. Amazing:   🙁

me:  So if that doesn’t sound good for dinner… what does

Mr. Amazing: Sounds good = tomatoes and cucumbers in vinegar with fancy cheese and crackers

me:  Oohhhh That sounds yummy… What else should I be buying… I gotta be honest… my head is not in the game… I don’t even know what that means

Mr. Amazing:   I was laughing when I read that  I imagined the announcer voice… “oooh Kerry’s heads not in the game, what d’ya think Chuck” “Well Bill, Kerry normally scores in the high 300s, today may be a down day.” “Well Chuck let’s hope that she can find the groove as she heads down to the frozen foods section”

me:  Really… I just pictured me standing in the middle of the fruit and veggie sections screaming FUMBLE! Wanna do some potatoes again?

Mr. Amazing:   lol, that sounds good

me:  What else sounds good…You be in charge dammit!

Mr. Amazing:  dammit- clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls

me:  Ohhhh that sounds good

Mr. Amazing:  spaghetti with beef tips and veggies in spicy sauce with aged mozzarella, capers and olives

me:  Uhhhhhhhh

Mr. Amazing:   with rosemary bread on the side

me:  BAHAHAHAHA! That’s the funniest shit you have said all day…I say fuck this whole shopping idea, we are eating at 7-11… Slurpee’s for dessert?

Mr. Amazing:  cannolis stuffed with spiced sausage and spices with noodles and marinara with myzithra cheese

me:  <headdesk>

Mr. Amazing:  with pistachio cheesecake and raspberry sauce

me:  Meow

Mr. Amazing:  and…

me:  You should have married your cookie wife if you didn’t want to eat at 7-11 for dinner

Mr. Amazing:   hand trimmed steaks marinated in lime chili sauce with rice and veggies in a light cheese/butter sauce with some sparkling spumante grape juice and some ice cream on top of homemade peach pie for desert

there, done… any other questions?

me:  Okay… Crack head… Taquitos then?

Mr. Amazing: :  ROFLMAO or you should get a super awesome job and I will stay home and cook and hire a maid to clean

me:  YOU should! I will stay home and boss her around… The maid

Mr. Amazing:   Like a BOSS

me:  She will have to cook too

Mr. Amazing:   lemon blueberry cheesecake with marscapone and whipped cream and lemon zest on top

me:  No Slurpee for you! you ingrate!

Mr. Amazing:  okay, okay I want a Slurpee and an all beef hot dog

me:  ROTFLMAO! I am not really going to 7-11 But I love that you settled … on dinner… on life… you know… in general

Mr. Amazing:  like I am going to lose my Slurpee

me:  BAHAHAHA!  Its the finer things in life that get us through

Mr. Amazing:   yes, like wine flavored soda pop

me: Exactly!

UPDATED – What he came home too:


A day in the life…

mama kats Take a picture every hour and show us what a day in your life is like.

I haven’t been super bloggy like lately…… I’ve been having a rough go at things… I read back through my blog to Septembers past… and realize I am in the same place… that I always survive… that I always blog again… even though in this place it seems completely impossible to imagine surviving the next 48 hours…  I know I will… What is going on.. is it literally just drowning in memories? Is it the time of year. the change of seasons? is it all in my head? I do not really know where it comes from, if it is real or not… It is real enough feeling… I imagine being somewhere where I can shut down all my senses, all the noises, all light and touch… I imagine my brain not being able to think… … Just for a day… It is like walking through tar… if I stop walking it will settle and firm up…So I don’t… and just like this dark place was entered with no real reason… I will walk into the lighter place again… and my legs will be less heavy… and I will become more engaged in my surroundings again… I will not make any life changing decisions in this dark place… and I will not bring others to it with me…. It is going to be okay… It is always going to be okay…and this prompt sounded fun… So regardless of my feelings I keep moving… Here is what my day looks like today…

2013-09-16 07.41.40

I woke up… showered… got dressed… (Saved your life and didn’t take a picture that hour)… and got out the door. (7 am)


Took my most adorable creeper to school…

2013-09-16 07.38.50

Made my 30 minute commute as the sun beamed its way through the clouds, and didn’t crash into the idiots taking pictures of the massive rainbow that made its debut in the morning traffic. (Take note: No Rainbow Picture!)

2013-09-16 07.38.57

 Finally arrived here where I will spend the next 9 hours of the day…. (8 am)

2013-09-16 07.43.17

Imagine this on repeat until 5 pm… Save me the trouble of reposting (I love my job, and I am grateful for it)


Mid-day jaunt through the warehouse to search for something that the warehouse manager & his adorable British accent are too busy to find…. 20 minutes of walking a creepy dark warehouse with thousands upon thousands of boxes…. then finding it under his desk… (FTW… WOOT!) (1 pm)

counter Nearing the 5 o’clock hour… I allow myself to watch the Disneyland count down… for a moment… or ten. (4 pm)

Finally… Made the drive home… decided to bag the whole preparing of food for the day…. (6 pm) Chinese it is!


Here goes the night time routine…. Music Practice… Voice, Viola and Piano…


Next is a shower (7 pm)


This is the look Mr. Amazing gives me when I tell him I need his Mac to finish up my blog… because I have to blog each hour or I will forget… bahaha damn he is cute (8 pm)


Feeding of the beasties!!! OMG we are almost there!!! (9 pm)


Finally… My Sanctuary… Back in bed… See… I didn’t think I could do it… but not only did I do it… I did it with pictures!

Sweet Dreams!!! GoodNight!!! (10 pm)




mama kats  You know you’re getting old because…


My Red Dress Moment- In the Bloggess’s Red Dress 🙂

So next week is my 40th birthday. Funny… I don’t feel older.

Although if I’m honest, my body has been telling me, “Hey Kerry! You’re 40!” for the last year. I’ve gotten more injuries in the last year- my foot, my knee… Shit… I don’t even know what all happened. I just hurt. Why? Does it (it being this body) know that I’m turning 40?  I exercise more, eat less, weigh more… and care about it less!… I don’t lean over and pick something up unless it’s really important. Leaning over or squatting down takes an overwhelming amount of energy at age 40. I am constantly calculating “risk vs. reward.” A pencil? Nope. The dog can just chew it. A $20 bill? Maybe… My bills, my hair-loss and my check marks off that bucket list are all way more… My tolerance for teenage attitude… way lower!  I now get up twice every night to go to the bathroom… up from once a night, starting at age 30. At this rate I’m just going to save time by sleeping on the toilet at age 60!... Whenever I get a new game console… dvd player… anything…  I just give it to my kids to set it up for me…. I eat several different cereals… but they all have the word “Fiber” in the title.

Wow, I sound decrepit !

Sigh… life at 40.

Shit! Life at 40???

Life at 40… Alive at 40!!!  I know for a fact that cash bets were placed in high school on whether I would live to see the age of 21, which at the time seemed completely unfathomable…

Then I turned 25

Then 30…

I just kinda figured I was on a streak… kinda figured I would see what happened next…. and here we are.

p.s I didn’t demand that you make me a sammich… The world did… Do you want to hurt the credibility of the entire world? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?

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