A day in the life…

mama kats Take a picture every hour and show us what a day in your life is like.

I haven’t been super bloggy like lately…… I’ve been having a rough go at things… I read back through my blog to Septembers past… and realize I am in the same place… that I always survive… that I always blog again… even though in this place it seems completely impossible to imagine surviving the next 48 hours…  I know I will… What is going on.. is it literally just drowning in memories? Is it the time of year. the change of seasons? is it all in my head? I do not really know where it comes from, if it is real or not… It is real enough feeling… I imagine being somewhere where I can shut down all my senses, all the noises, all light and touch… I imagine my brain not being able to think… … Just for a day… It is like walking through tar… if I stop walking it will settle and firm up…So I don’t… and just like this dark place was entered with no real reason… I will walk into the lighter place again… and my legs will be less heavy… and I will become more engaged in my surroundings again… I will not make any life changing decisions in this dark place… and I will not bring others to it with me…. It is going to be okay… It is always going to be okay…and this prompt sounded fun… So regardless of my feelings I keep moving… Here is what my day looks like today…

2013-09-16 07.41.40

I woke up… showered… got dressed… (Saved your life and didn’t take a picture that hour)… and got out the door. (7 am)


Took my most adorable creeper to school…

2013-09-16 07.38.50

Made my 30 minute commute as the sun beamed its way through the clouds, and didn’t crash into the idiots taking pictures of the massive rainbow that made its debut in the morning traffic. (Take note: No Rainbow Picture!)

2013-09-16 07.38.57

 Finally arrived here where I will spend the next 9 hours of the day…. (8 am)

2013-09-16 07.43.17

Imagine this on repeat until 5 pm… Save me the trouble of reposting (I love my job, and I am grateful for it)


Mid-day jaunt through the warehouse to search for something that the warehouse manager & his adorable British accent are too busy to find…. 20 minutes of walking a creepy dark warehouse with thousands upon thousands of boxes…. then finding it under his desk… (FTW… WOOT!) (1 pm)

counter Nearing the 5 o’clock hour… I allow myself to watch the Disneyland count down… for a moment… or ten. (4 pm)

Finally… Made the drive home… decided to bag the whole preparing of food for the day…. (6 pm) Chinese it is!


Here goes the night time routine…. Music Practice… Voice, Viola and Piano…


Next is a shower (7 pm)


This is the look Mr. Amazing gives me when I tell him I need his Mac to finish up my blog… because I have to blog each hour or I will forget… bahaha damn he is cute (8 pm)


Feeding of the beasties!!! OMG we are almost there!!! (9 pm)


Finally… My Sanctuary… Back in bed… See… I didn’t think I could do it… but not only did I do it… I did it with pictures!

Sweet Dreams!!! GoodNight!!! (10 pm)



10 comments on “A day in the life…

  1. Shana Norris

    My bed is my sanctuary, too.

    Hahahaha … that look on your husband’s face. I get that look from mine sometimes too!

    1. Kerry

      LOL!!! Thanks for reading… and commiserating!!

  2. Laura @ Said I'd Never Do

    I hope you find a better space too. It sucks to be stuck in a rut. I’ve been there plenty of times.

    That Chinese looks delicious!

    1. Kerry

      Lemon Chicken … Kinda magical… Thank you.

  3. Happysuz

    Hey, Stopping by from Mama Kat’s! We seemed to have similar days yesterday! I hit Ctrl-ALT-Delete on mine. I like your description of a place where you brain can shut off! That is such a great idea. I saw recently that back during WWII sometimes they would treat soldiers with “Shell Shock,” now called PTSD by putting them into a medically induced coma so their brain could rest and heal itself. Too bad we can’t do that on our own, just for like 10 minutes! It would be so great to rest your brain! I hope things get better for you soon! Hang in there!

    1. Kerry

      Thank you!!!

  4. Melinda

    Great pictures….I think we all go through patches when things are just a bit harder. Hang in there!

    1. Kerry

      Thank you!!!

  5. May

    Wasn’t this a fun prompt? I love getting a peek into other people’s lives. The awesome creeper shot was my favorite!

    1. Kerry

      Lol thanks for looking! My son I swear… His is a character.