This is Halloween!

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If you have been reading this blog long… or even once… it will not surprise you to discover that my mind …. albeit unique… it kind of warped… It is a beautiful thing. One symptom of said mind is what I like to refer to as a Swiss Cheese Memory… I call it this because it has so many holes. I was reading through the writers prompts this week and finding myself a little discouraged… it is Halloween Time! The prompt I wanted so badly to write about is “Who had the good candy? Share what Halloween was like for you as a child.” For two days I have looked at the prompt… waiting for inspiration to strike… as I do every week… and slowly I have come to realize something I never noticed before.
I do not remember a single Halloween in my childhood. At first this upset me… like I was missing something fantastic… or burying some deep dark secret… but truth be told… like most of my childhood… it probably was just not very memorable. I have snippets of thoughts around those holidays … I remember sitting on a cold stone entry way carving pumpkins… vaguely… also a bumblebee costume… although if it were worn by myself or a sibling I couldnt tell you… and then I remember 3 homes I visited (Most likely every year) and TADA! I have a post!

The Evans Home – the mother always dressed as a witch! full on green faced… pointy nosed and hatted… making her witches brew in her front yard… with what I recognize now as an adult to be dry ice and hot chocolate.

The Rasmussen Home – this mother would answer the door… sweet as could be… in her pretty witch costume… give us our candy and as we would scamper from their porch she would release a cackle that would make my hair stand on end as I attempted to jump out of my skin.

Last but not least… the gorilla… through our neighborhood ran a grown man dressed in a gorilla suit terrifying the older kids trick or treating… I don’t know how I know it was our neighborhood pediatrician… but I remember it is… and I loved the man. Dearly.

This post leaves a sour taste in my mouth … simply for the lack of anything better to post… So this is where being me rocks… it does really… and let me tell you about the my smalls Halloweens… which I remember vividly… and hope they do as well.

Costumes Galore… Pumpkin Carving… Roasted Seeds… a blend of home made and store bought costumes… Halloween parties thrown for Tall child… trick or treating for small… We have trick or treated with the same family for as long as I can remember… and in the neighborhood is the house decorated to the extreme… with scary clowns… and some guy in an electric chair… The house that one year… I kid you not… grilled pancakes in their driveway and passed them out nice and warm… and they were loved… and bizarre. The house with homemade root-beer at the end of their homemade spook alley made of refrigerator boxes and lights.





Now that is Halloween!!

9 comments on “This is Halloween!

  1. Cookie Wife

    I don’t remember my childhood Halloweens either! So you’re not alone! (I have two vague memories) But I remember the cute pics above!!! 😉

    1. Kerry

      That’s because our smalls are unforgettable!

  2. Stacey

    I’m glad our neighborhood doesn’t have a giant gorilla running through it. My kids would never, ever go trick-or-treating! Hmmm. Maybe that IS a good idea. I love the costumes!

    1. Kerry

      The Rocky Balboa is my favorite … ha ha! That kid!

  3. Laura @ Said I'd Never Do

    I love that you had a neighborhood filled with adults who also got into the spirit! How fun!

    1. Kerry

      Right?? I love Halloween!

  4. madamdreamweaver

    I think this was a nice post. Turns out you did have more Halloween memories then you thought. Sometimes, after a certain number of years, we only remember dim highlights. My husband and I use that expression, “swiss cheese memory,” too.

    1. Kerry

      I’m glad I am not the only one 🙂

  5. Shell

    I have the absolute worst memory ever. I can barely remember things from last week, let alone my childhood!