Well… That didn’t go exactly as planned.

mama kats

Something you were wrong about.

I am a budget-er… I know… I know… with all the frivolity that carries on in my life this may be hard to believe… but it is true never the less.

I pay my bills on a schedule from which I never deviate.. and I put away what I can when I can… Recently I paid off a debt… and suddenly this freed up a little bit of money… breathing room… barely… and my plan was to put it away and save it for a rainy day.. which is a luxury I have never had in my adult life… not once… and it was going so well… So well… I was able to finally take a family vacation… somewhere a little further away than a 2 day over the weekend trip up to the lake… and we rejoiced.. and the children were happy… Then as the time has continued without paying this debt… I tucked enough away again to consider finally purchasing a new bed… which is something we definitely want…  we began discussing shopping for one to see what we would want… and the parents were happy … and we rejoiced… because we are good… we do not go into debt and finance things … we pay our bills and we buy things we can afford… responsible adults we are.

… this last weekend we decided to go out to eat… the restaurant we chose happen to be in the same shopping location as the Apple Store… you already know what I am going to type here don’t you… you can feel the guilt seeping from my finger tips and into the keyboard of my brand new MacBook Air…. guilt is swirling around the words on my beautifully clear retina screen… as I sit with this 2.38 lb piece of heaven in my lap… on my too small… too lumpy bed… with it’s 12 hours of battery life… I have that A-Ha moment…

I thought I was a responsible selfless adult… I was wrong… I’m a semi-responsible MacBook owning chic who finally bought something for herself… and I was happy… and I am rejoicing… ooohhh its so shiny!!


Hey Apple – If you happen to find this…and want to reward your #1 fan… we could totally use a new bed.


8 comments on “Well… That didn’t go exactly as planned.

  1. Tamara T.

    sometimes you just got to treat yourself!! Congrats! 🙂

    1. Kerry

      LOL! Thanks Tamara!!!

  2. Jennifer

    Kerry you are a sinner. Luckily to repent you need only save more, right? Invest in a tempurpedic. We bought one (original cloud series) in march and it was the best investment. 30 year to lifetime of no more need to buy another. It may cost 2400 (cal king) but every night I send off a little prayer to the nobody out there that i love this bed!!!

    1. Kerry

      Bahahaha! Yes I will start saving up again… And we definitely are looking for a cal king! bratface

  3. Claire

    That is me: I budget and save and I am responsible but every now and then, I totally splurge for myself.

  4. Kerry

    I still feel guilty… but not guilty enough that I would change it LOL

  5. Kat

    Well you’ve got to live a little and a Mac is just the way to do it!

    1. Kerry

      Right!! I love it!