Shave for the love of god…

” A trend you’re not much a fan of “

mama kats


Funny that you should ask… I came across this prompt just as I was singing the praises of the 3rd day of December!!!

Look… I am all for doing things for a good cause… I participate in fundraisers… I pay it forward… I try to work a random act of kindness into each day… I never pass a bell ringer without dropping whatever change I have into his bucket… but by the time you are in the second week of November every man in the office looks like a mountain man… grizzly adams in the IT department over here didn’t get the memo that he should not continue to shave his scalp… whilst growing out his beard during No Shave November.

This is not my real IT guy… I just got this image off of google to illustrate my point


But… Here we are in the first week of December and let the shaving begin… and somehow from this we gleaned some kind of cancer awareness… Couldn’t we come up with a better way? Because I am pretty sure woodland creatures have moved into your face.

Now that I have that off my chest… Let’s discuss this whole month of gratitude posts on Facebook… because every morning I wanted to stab my eye out with a fork… luckily I only have coffee for breakfast… no fork in reach.. and for that I am grateful.

I live in Utah… and while I do not belong to the popular religion of the area… most of my friends and family do… cue the angels singing and the pearly white gates of heaven opening… because they all posted each and every day what they were so grateful for…Seriously… if you have ever read my blog… you know I am a fan of the whole being grateful thing… I am truly so blessed in so many ways… but I would be lying if I didn’t wake up on December 1st and kiss the computer screen right on the first post bitching about the weather… The crowd at the stores and the amount of housework to be done… because I swear… on a stack of your holy book of bibley whatever that that was the LONGEST 30 days of thanks ever!!

Im grateful its over… and to raise awareness of my gratefulness… I will not be shaving during the month of December… We can braid the leg hairs and sing kumayah for Christmas!!!



6 comments on “Shave for the love of god…

  1. Rhonda

    I’m grateful I am able to read your posts!!!!

    1. Kerry

      LOLOL!! Come braid the hairs woman!

  2. Michelle

    Hilarious!! I, too, am not a fan of the beardyness of November. And all those grateful posts can be overly sickeningly sweet (we get that you have the most amazing husband and children ever, you don’t have to tell us everyday)!

    What about women posting their bra color as their Facebook status? How do you feel about that? I’ve never understood how that could have any link to actually finding a cure for breast cancer.

  3. Kerry

    BAHAHAHA!!! Completely agreed… or the whole number and country moving around thing… Seriously.

  4. Kelly

    Funny! And I agree. I am now going to my cave until the spring.

    1. Kerry

      Lol! I’ll wake you when it’s warm!