Pajamas in Paris


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Sometimes… The only way out of a funk is pajamas… let’s be honest… I prefer the penguin and christmas tree variations … I am truly struggling right now… and almost on Holiday break… Pajamas will be the only thing I am wearing… Some days… I will shower and put on clean ones… just saying… This is not much of a post… it is kind of more of a… well hell….. I have been fortunate enough to have walked these streets of Paris… THIS LINK… will at least let you escape for a little while… and we can just stay in our Pajamas the whole time. By the way… if you are considering not clicking that link… do yourself an act of kindness… click it.


It truly is Paris.


2 comments on “Pajamas in Paris

  1. Mindy

    Oh, my dear friend. I truly understand how much this time of year can suck.
    My mother says I’m Scrooge. And yet somehow we’re required to go through the motions. And sometimes that’s even worse.
    I’d ask if I could hang out in my pajamas with you, but a, I don’t really wear much more than the bare necessities in pajamas. And b, unless I’m faking it, I’m often not fit for even my dog’s company.
    Funny, most people will never realize just how much I fake it this time of year.
    I love you. Hang in there.

  2. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    Oh, Kerry – winter can be such a bummer, can’t it? But pajamas really do help! Kidzilla is in hers right now, complete with polar bears wearing Santa hats and scarves! Love the photo. And hang in there – your CD will be there in just a few days! 🙂