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Themesong Thursday… This one is a lifer

This has been me the last several weeks… I seriously havent accomplished much of anything… I reached an all new low this week… I dried off with a tshirt… because the towels were all in the dryer downstairs… Spring… come save me!

Don’t make me pee on him…. really.

mama kats Write a post inspired by the word: punched.

There are several stories sparked by this… more than I care to admit…

I mean… really… who haven’t I punched… Let’s not answer that… and go with one of the more recent ones… fresh in my mind because Mr. Amazing, his sister, and mother were laughing and retelling it just yesterday…

Picture if you will: Christmas Eve… Family party at my In-Laws… My own little blended family issues are nothing when compared to Mr. Amazings much larger and hostile blended family… The only time I often see his step siblings are at this yearly party… We do not really remember each other from year to year… In fact… Last year they introduced me to one sibling (who? I don’t remember) and they exclaimed “He got married??” … Close? Not so much… still closer than my own family… so it take some getting used too.

So all those step siblings have children, I am not really sure who belongs to who, and I try to put faces to the names of the horror stories that are whispered among others… But really… there are just a lot of kids… I LOVE kids… so I am enjoying myself… when I see a pre-teenish boy rough housing with Mr. Amazing… I love this… Because even though there are some issues among the grown up children, it is so fun to see family interact that normally doesn’t… As I wander over to join my cute husband… I see this kid slug him… right in the gut… and ..

You guys! I didn’t even think about… There wasn’t ever a conscious decision behind it… I punched the kid back.

“Oooof!” Child clutches stomach

“Don’t hit MY husband!” Hands on hips… I may as well have lifted a leg and peed on him

“We were just playing?” baffled Mr. Amazing

<Shrug> “No One hits my husband”

The kid was fine… I gave him my candy bar from the left right right left oh my god right left  this is the longest game ever game.

…. I am sure I will never live it down…. Just like the one time Small Child informed me no one will spar with him in Karate if I am there in the bleachers… Oh but that is another story…

2014-01-20 14.03.37

… Feel Good

Happy Thursday! Here is a Themesong! Feeling a little funky… I think I am getting the mother of all colds… Time to feel good.


Adventures in Babysitting….

mama kats A movie you loved as a child

Remember this little gem? Cue the opening credits:

I could reenact this whole scene… just sayin… I could quote most of the movie by heart…. enhanced-buzz-30116-1380674152-15

…. after all her dancing like an idiot our lead character… Chris Parker… gets the news from her boyfriend Mike that he has to cancel their date because his little sister is sick. Dejected –  Chris gets roped into babysitting for the Anderson family’s two kids, Brad and Sara. Well only 8 year old Sara really needs a babysitter because Brad is 15 years old and happens to have a huge crush on Chris. It seems the night might be a pretty boring one despite the awkwardness of Brad having to be babysat by his older crush until Chris gets a call from her friend Brenda. She’s at the bus station downtown after running away from home and having blown money on the ride there… she now needs Chris to come and pick her up. With no choice but to bring Brad and Sara along… And so the adventure begins!

I think my facial expression was similar the first time small child threw up out of the corners of his eyes!

I think my facial expression was similar the first time small child threw up out of the corners of his eyes!

How about some 80’s style Thorgasms to finish this little walk down memory lane… Quit laughing… this was TOTALLY considered hot once.



What was your favorite movie from your youth? I need some good suggestions as I seem to be coming down with a cold…. I’m pretty sure Ive got some more great movies in my coming weekend.

UPDATED: – I just think you needed this as well…

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…. Unless it is a Mantis Shrimp

From the depths of January… I bring you this… That Honey Badger who don’t care? I would like to introduce him to the Mantis Shrimp

“Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”…. Great advice passed on from a dear friend of mine… her second favorite back up line to all of this is “It’s all small stuff”… I try… I do … I try to not let little things get to me…But Sometimes the small stuff gangs up on you! Sometimes that small thing is this little guy!!!



And from my favorite credible source of all time… THIS!

Mantis shrimp2