My 2013 Wrap Up



I was begging Mr. Amazing by the day after Christmas to help me take down the Christmas decorations (By help me, I mean take them down because he has this knack for not throwing things in boxes in a mad panic to get the shit out of the house, and like actually wraps the breakable precious stuff… while I sit on the couch and drink coffee… because he is scared I am going to touch something or put something away “my way” it is a win win situation) and he in return is pleading with my to leave it up until New Years… and he swears it will get done… I concede… because… well… he is cute. I read on facebook and visit friends who are packing up their trees as quickly as possible… it seems like a race this year to get the decorations down… and I ponder a moment the old superstition of if it was a good year, you leave it up to flow into the next, and if not… you take it down and leave it behind by the New Year… people really do this… I swear… I am not making this shit up… and I think about it… Would I leave 2013 behind?

A lot happened in the year… My Sons father died… I became a Grandma again… Life had its normal ups and downs… we went to DisneyLand

I had my normal ups and downs... I survived…. I decided to write a book … but I didn’t…. yet?

I lost a dear friend… and gained a cookie wife (I always had her… now I just have cookies too!)

I turned 40

Small Child started shaving…. KILL ME DEAD

I don’t think I broke anything this year… but I did spent a night in the ER with a 104 fever getting fluids…

I am pretty sure I do not buy into the whole christmas tree removal superstition… But I do know for every experience I would like to leave in the past… I had two that I would love to keep in my heart through the next year…

The tree came down on New Years Day… I drank all the coffees…. Bring on 2014

6 comments on “My 2013 Wrap Up

  1. Cookie Wife

    My tree’s still up. Does that mean I had a good 2013?? 🙂 I’m honored to have made your list! You’re on mine too! Love you!

    1. Kerry

      LOL No, I think it means you are sick!! Want that I should come put it away?? my way?? LOVE YOU

  2. My Inner Chick

    sounds like you’ve learned A LOT this year.

    I hope 2014 is transformative & wonderful! xx

    1. Kerry

      Im definitely ready for some wonderful!

  3. scar

    2013 was a big one for me too. Here’s to 2014 being excellent and filled with wonder!

    1. Kerry

      Im excited to see what it brings!!